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World Super GT 2 – Mclaren MP4-12C Render

World Super GT 2 – Mclaren MP4-12C Render

Following the template previews released a few days ago, Team RMT has now released a high-resolution render of their impressive semi-fictional Mclaren MP4-12C race car.

To view the high-resolution render at full glory, make sure to click “Full Size” once the image viewer has opened up.

Successor to World Super GT for GTR 2, World Super GT 2 will bring some of of the most legendary GT cars of the 90s as well as Super GT GT500 class machinery to rFactor 2.


  • ($_$)

    veeeeeery noice.
    Can’t wait for this “mod”

  • Rooster

    *shakes* Th..tha…thats’ a ren..render? =-O

  • jimmy

    Looking forward to times when such graphics will be in-game, rendered in real-time.

  • Philip Oakley


  • magicalgin

    wow are you sure this isn’t GT5?! :O jk

  • Empty

    Spectacular render.

    This is gonna sound ahole ish, but well, it’s not really meant as such. Food for thought. How many competing sponsors does one car need? Alpinestars, Puma, OMP, Momo and Sparco? Kind of odd, is it not?

  • JGoenR

    Nice render!

  • BSR-WiX

    its amazing what you come up with every time Empty. i have to say its real cool hearing you say ” This is gonna sound ahole is”   🙂    

  • Empty

    Would think by now I wouldnt need to say it. Should be inferred by now.

  • Suarez16

    That’s what I thought. You can put this up as “GT5 Photomode shot” and nobody would doubt you.

  • zumlee

    Very Very Cool!!!!!!
    I hope you will make for GTR3 and NFS Shift2 ^_^