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World Rally Championship – WRC Access All Areas Video

World Rally Championship – WRC Access All Areas Video

Black Bean Games’ upcoming World Rally Championship title was recently featured in the WRC Access All Areas magazine as you can check out below.

The feature includes a look behind the scenes at developer Milestone, interviews and plenty of gameplay footage.

Developed by Milestone, World Rally Championship will be bringing all the action of the WRC to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. The game will feature all 13 rally events from the 2010 schedule and cars from the WRC, Junior WRC and the Production WRC class. World Rally Championship is planned to be released in on October 8th 2010.

  • Gaiajohan

    Where are the STEERING WHEELS in their test centre?

  • 6e66o

    Its probably their dev centre, not the test centre (if they even have something like that).

  • Leron

    pffft steering weel it’s sooooo ’00 s

     2:12 and 2:33

  • Zolus

    Isn’t it the same video as the one released at least a month ago?

  • qawaza

    Is this a joke?

  • Vettel

    It’s beginning to look like WRC on the PS2 from Sony. That’s promising 🙂

  • Rnuls

    This Game looks very arcade !!! This definitively won’t be the successor of Richard Burns rally :'(

  • Wesley

    i guess it is

  • jimmy