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World Rally Championship – Group B DLC Pack Announced

World Rally Championship – Group B DLC Pack Announced

Black Bean has announced a first DLC content pack for their upcoming World Rally Championship title for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 that will add five legendary Group B rally cars to the title.

The pack includes the Peugeot 205 T 16, Lancia Delta S4, Ford RS200, CitroΓ«n BX4 TC as well as the Renault R5 Maxi Turbo, adding five cars from the insanely powerful Group B era to the 18 modern-day WRC models that will be included.

The pack will be selling on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points and on the Playstation Network for 4,99€. The PC version is said to include the Group B cars as well.

Developed by Milestone, World Rally Championship will be bringing all the action of the WRC to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. The game will feature all 13 rally events from the 2010 schedule and cars from the WRC, Junior WRC and the Production WRC class. World Rally Championship is planned to be released in on October 8th 2010.

  • Simosimosimo

    this game is fail boat

  • ALYX

    It’s really amazing. COOL. Keep it up Black Bean.

  • Samuel

    Looking better and better the closer it gets and a DLC of group B cars?  These guys are really tugging at the rally fanatic heart strings.

  • jabofu

    And WHY couldnt they included it into the game from start on? This is such a rip-off.

  • Firefox

    Now they’re talking πŸ˜€

  • Stu-o

    The game looks ok. but why make it obvious that the tobacco and alcohol adverts are gone. e.g. Martini.

    and is that a function to put your name on the car??? The last time I saw that it was on Toca 2

  • felipe

    people payed more for Forza 3 than for iRacing and now this! I wonder how can people buy these titles knowing they´ll have to pay so much extra for content locked in disc! 

  • Hompe

    Oh boy…

  • Wesley

    first fix your goddamn game before announcing an dlc pack…

  • Uff

    You actually seem to forget that nobody forces you to buy anything: if you want them you buy them, otherwise you leave them where they are, simple as that.

  • Uff

    Welcome to the console world.

  • Frikadelli Racing

    “The PC version is said to include the Group B cars as well.”


  • codename6


  • jonelsorel

    Anyone really expect this to be RBR calibre?

  • Mr. A

    Funny that the least expensive version has the cars included.

  • Mark B.

    What’s broken?

  • Mark B.

    Nice surprise πŸ™‚

  • Philip Oakley

    If the game can be modded, this is nothing imo.

  • AC

    Prime example of what’s wrong with the gaming industry today.
    Content is made as part of the game, is ready for when it’s released. But omitted for the sole purpose of profiteering.
    Shame on you.

  • Mark B.

    It’s included in the PC version going by the wording of the article.

  • Firestarter

    Fuckings to Black Bean!

  • IWE

    Yay. I was going to buy console version in some point, but I’m not so sure anymore. Have to wait for demo and see how well this will run on my antique pc. Btw those liveries are epic fail.


    how cheeky ….

    the games not even out and already there is DLC…. but its available in the pc version.. that to me just takes the P I S S

    i was interested in this… not anymore

    if the cars are ready release them with the disc and stop looking to make a quick buck you money grabbing shamless thieves.

  • SergeantBoner

    ….it does however include the Citroën BX 4TC! Thats the first time I’ve seen it in any game, or has someone made it for RBR? ‘Cause I can’t remember it beeing in any other rallygame to date..?


    To be honest… those screens dont look all that either … rallying in GT5 will loose this game… ive played gt5 rallying

    how about your shelv this title till GT comes out … and learn how to do it properly.. then redo everything you have done so far….lol

    then maybe you might be able to command respect enough to announce DLC before a games out..

    EVEN POLYPHONY HAVENT HAD THE CHEEK TO DO THAT …  ( with their pedigree )


    citroen bx…. now that changes things… i’d happily pay for that… NOT !!

    even if they added a bit that gave you hand relief its stil lrude to announce DLC before a games out…

    marketing manager needs to be handed his P45 imo

  • Dave

    About time console users copped on and started to make their voice known with their wallets,
    Oh forgot
    they lap up any dregs thrown to them and asked then to be humiliated even more.

    Devs could do with making games worth playing before they start work on added features,if some titles adding some extra apparel could be called extra content.
     Whats the point of extra cars without extra tracks as well ?

  • jackazzhole


  • jackazzhole

    why would i want to buy more crap, when im not even gonna buy the main crap.

  • RKipker

    You can not be looking at the same GT5 video I did posted here yesterday on LaSarthe…!  I’m not saying this is gonna be a great game, Milestone is weak at best and though there tracks are awesome in SBK-X the game is not all that, much the same as last years.

    But, I do agree selling and posting DLC before the game is even available plus delayed is crap!

  • RKipker

    I was thinking the same thing, guess they figured this might boost PC Sales, maybe a good trend for other developers to follow!

    In today’s economy, you would think the lagniappe theory would be more prevalent!

  • XR3i TurboNutterBastard_DLC Version FXF

    DLC number 2?

  • XR3i TurboNutterBastard

    haha.  steady…..

  • XR3i TurboNutterBastard

    it’s called making money.   disgusting, isn’t it?


  • XR3i TurboNutterBastard

    It’s been said again, look…..

  • qawaza

    Black Bean already pressing the panic button after all these relatively negative impression from SIM community by releasing an add on pack even b4 the real crap comes out. oh my, i beginning to beliv that they have too much time in thier hands now. I dont need more cars, just give me a real (physics)works suby & i will be a happy man. Oh please proof me wrong…

  • Explosive Face

    You’re kidding, right? The game doesn’t come out for a month and a half and they’ve proudly announced paid DLC for it?

  • nedge2k

    woah woah woah….where’s the Quattro S1!!?? Without the Quattro there would be no Group B! Also, 405 T16?

  • Dave

    Oh god i havent given them that idea have i πŸ™‚  
    Next will be dlc for sale before game comes out.
    Am waiting to see each retailer having a different car that you can only get by preordering at their particular store.
    I suppose you cant blame them they are just copying forza ,same thing there, dlc announced before game release.

  • Dabe

    We’ve been voting with our wallets all along, well I have at least, never bought hte Grid 8-ball pack dispite loving the arcade experience and there being 250 easy gamerscore to whore.

  • rallyfan90

    these guys are trying hard to give you guys an rally game that you will like.
    adding those extra cars is nice touch, something that made me even more interested in this (i was aiming for pc version even before this)
    there might be reasons that they have to add those as an dlc-pack for consoles, or even if not, the “hate” some users give to developers is just too much nonetheless.

    i would be atleast happy that there is finally an new rallygame coming and looking forward to actually trying it before judging it.

    atleast it looks promising, hopefully it will be good enough to get the “throne” of simrallying from richard burns rally.

    sorry for possible mistakes with my english grammar.

  • rallyfan90

    the 405 t16 was an “rally raid” car aslong as i remember correct and thus never competed in wrc, but in paris dakar in late 80’s and early 90’s

  • codename6

    The add-on comes out the same day as the release of the game.  Amazing isn’t it?  :-E

  • aaron

    what? WHERES THE 6R4??

  • nedge2k


  • nedge2k

    it was a Pikes Peak car but still should be included. As should the Mk2 Escort!

  • rallyfan90

    yeah, i agree that loads of historic cars is a good thing, making it happen is lot harder though
    and neither of those two really fit into “group-b”
    though s1 you mentioned earlier would be great add

  • Gulyo

    Still not released this crap and already DLC announced for money ?????????? Incredible !!!!!

  • Gulyo

    I mean that’s cheek !!!!

  • Dave

    8ball, was promised that it was going to come to pc platform ,but never appeared ,not sure i would have bought it considering the awful wheel support in the game.
    The idea of dlc isnt bad but should only come after fixing any bugs that may be in game and then making it attractive for people to buy,would much rather the expansion disc we used to see for games.
    I have games going back years and no prob installing the game and expansion pack and any patches,what will happen to all dlc purchases on console once next one is released,
    I dont think devs are allowed to give dlcs for free to their customers on xbox,they have to get a special dispensation to do so.

  • Wesley

    Why didnt they announce an DLC which has better physics first? I think they already know they wont be able to make any profit fom this game, so they simply release original game content as an dlc to at least make some profit.

  • Black Bean Games

    Everyone now has a lawsuit. Why slam a game which you have not tried yet!

  • qawaza

    True….but reason is becoz we dont like what we see…let along try….good enuf for me….

  • yay, an rallygame !

    I agree, hard to see why they are mocking it, when finally we are getting something, which may be good.
    Judging something from preview videos seems bit odd for me personally.
    Ok, they give ofcourse an slight perspective in what the game is going to be, but slamming game based on those seems really odd.

    I would suggest to wait for it and to try it out, it might be really good, atleast i have big expectations for it

  • Sensekhmet

    Whoa, BX4 TC? This is a real fail legend. And no, it wasn’t the looks that was the biggest problem, either. Damn, it’s worth to buy the game just the BX!

  • Gulyo

    Why ??? On basis of previews … this is very bad attempt of WRC game especially in 2010 !!!!!! I don’t understand WHY they got license rights … WHY ???
    I’ve waited soooo much a good rally game …

  • Gulyo

    It’s gonna be warez !!!

  • Stu

    ‘About time console users copped on and started to make their voice known with their wallets, 
    Oh forgot 
    they lap up any dregs thrown to them and asked then to be humiliated even more.’

    PC users seem happy to look at a couple of rFactor 2 screenshots every six months and pay  up each month for iRacing.

    Whats wrong with buying a couple of racing games each year, they aren’t all that expensive and can be sold on if it’s not your cup of tea.

    Sim racers waiting for the perfect game are going to have a long wait.

  • Stu

    ‘Prime example of what’s wrong with the gaming industry today. 
    Content is made as part of the game, is ready for when it’s released. But omitted for the sole purpose of profiteering. 
    Shame on you.’

    Gaming has never been cheaper.

    15 years ago console cartridges were £40-£60 apiece with few discounts even months after release.

    These days you’ll be able to pick up WRC 2010 for £25 online and have plenty of sale and trade options if you want rid.

  • Jos

    2 more months and my perfect game will be out πŸ˜‰

  • Dave

    But why would i spend money on something i may not consider up to standard.
    they would have a better chance if they developed an excellent game ,for all tastes and when people see that the dev is producing the goods ,would be more than willing to pay for extra content.
    In this case they had part of the dev team creating extra content ,that extra time is not going into the main game.
    Big difference in selling console games (easy) and selling pc games(a lot harder if tied to an account)
    And paying money to test something,you are joking
    Next time you go for a meal(around the same price as a game) and you are served up something that you consider substandard ,think on that statement of yours ,Me id be straight up to the manager and refuse to pay unless what i ordered is cooked to my taste or just refue to pay and call the health dept.
    Same with any service,hows your internet provider ,ever change that because of bad service or a service thats not what was advertised.
    And eula is not worth the electronic ink its written with and the sooner that people start looking for better products from software providers (games or other types)the sooner it will get better.

    Ive no issue with buying games (this year prob average 12 – 13)  and that is more than i can probably afford.

  • Dan

    I think a big difference in physics between this and RBR seems to be the tracks.  I’d like to see an RBR track imported to the game and see how the physics handle the bumps and tight track.  It looks to me like the cars drive relatively realistically, but aren’t shown well because the tracks are smooth and wide…

  • wow

    saw few preview vids on youtube, with actual driving, and im impressed πŸ˜€
    only thing that catched my attention, was that the track looked really wide in finland’s stage, but otherwise it looked amazing πŸ™‚
    if it has specs that i can run on my pc, sure buy !

  • Fjomp1

    a demo should be out soon to prove:
    -physics/car control & wheel FF has to be & feel “right” on a track with all diffrent surfaces, 1 car from each class please..
    + for dynamic weater, night/day, lights on/off, clutch control, look into apex settings etc etc
    + for support to import of custom (e.g btb) tracks & cars or track add-on pack import = please <: )

    Then it might be sucessor to an agein RBR ? Dirt3 has to “r(e)ally get it grips togetha” :p

  • Indestructible Carrot Killer

    It’s a tad unfair to blame Blackbean for capitalism? 

  • Indestructible Carrot Killer

    y – the world is full of hate.   people need to eat more zirconium crystals and praise the prophets.  chill, brother?

  • Stu-o

    Why didnt Codemasters sanp it up then It will be revered with F1 and WRC. Maybe put BTCC in there as well