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World Rally Championship – Another Preview Batch

World Rally Championship – Another Preview Batch

Following the last batch of previews three days ago, Black Bean Games has released more shots of their upcoming World Rally Championship title.

The shots show two Subaru Imprezas, a Citroen C2 and the WRC cars of Mikko Hirvonen and Petter Solberg.

Developed by Milestone, World Rally Championship will be bringing all the action of the WRC to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. The game will feature all 13 rally events from the 2010 schedule and cars from the WRC, Junior WRC and the Production WRC class. World Rally Championship is planned to be released in on October 8th 2010.

  • kevmscotland

    The car models actually look nice, its the enviroment I’m more interested in seeing some of tho, because they keep bluring it out like they are trying to hide it.
    And what little running footage of it shows that the tracks are indeed poorly detailed.

  • Mark B.

    Looking much improved from the earlier previews. It’s coming along nicely 🙂

  • RoNo

    Cars look pretty good..and no huge bloom added like codies do all their games…i think we are not
    seen all from this game..ambient is still big question mark

  • jimmy


  • Bakchich

    the cars should have the official number sticker of the rally in the doors!

  • Ricoo

    GT5…. hum a bit quick the copy paste

  • Thiago

    The last paragraph is about GT5 and the news is about WRC…I think its wrong..

    I’m brazilian, my english is not so good, but I think you will understand

  • EddieCajsa

    Finally this game actually is starting to look pretty good! Maybe the blur helps a bit but whatever, every preview of new games has it.

  • RFactor Resources Rf

    I hope this good feeling when driving forward, has a terrible pint, sorry for me english

  • Montoya

    Of course, my bad..fixed!

  • qawaza

    nice pic i say, I am beginning to think that the promo vids that we saw are to attract the non-hardcore simmers to the game & once they buy it they might regret it as the physics was actually so hardcore that we hardcore simmers didn’t buy it coz we still think it sucks after seeing the vids……..:p I am making any sense?

  • kevmscotland

    no 😛

  • Vettel

    I like the second picture, very nice looking graphics 🙂

  • Stu-o

    Everything looks good
    its just the C4’s livery is a bit rubbish