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World Racing Series – New FMK7 RX Preview Video

PiBoSo has released a new preview video of the FMK7 RX for his World Racing Series simulation.

PiBoSo has released a new preview video of the FMK7 RX for his World Racing Series simulation.

Named the FMK7 RX, this is actually a Ford Fiesta Mk.7 Rally Cross car.

World Racing Series comes with a scratch-made physics model, full multiplayer capabilities including a matchmaking server and full statistics.

The beta version is available for download here. The full version can be purchased for 20 Euro, a free demo mode is also available for everyone to give the sim a try.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    I love what Piboso is doing, full sim to the max, on his own, like the original Netkar Namie, and Drivers Republic Alpha, this doesnt feel as good or advanced as Drivers Republic Alpha though, something about it seems too soft, too smooth, too simple.

    I noticed this even with his bike sim, the acceleration out of corners is MUCH too smooth feeling, real bikes are much much more rough when trying to put the power down, the revs are going up and down as you are fighting wheelspin, bumps, throttle modulation, etc and they also take MUCH longer to finally get to full power, and then stay at full power without having to lift until the next corner, its much more simple and straight forward to achieve this in his sims, and it all feels much smoother and sort of synthetic/digital as well.

    I know it is just beta, this will probably change as physics become more complex and complete, but for now those are my impressions.

    The good thing though, is that you can still feel that this is a proper true simulation, not sim-cade or anything like that., and it is still very good, despite what I said above 🙂

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Looks good. Now take it to gravel 🙂

  • Chris A

    Piboso has been doing an amazing job on everything, I give him Kudos. I think he needs to pick a few things and stick with them. It’s like he gets the tracks, and then moves on. Problem is with GSC raising the bar, iRacing etc, I just can’t get over the fact that these tracks look terribly old. I want some eye candy, and these tracks just don’t have enough going on (darkened area where tires go but not anything like skid marks, slide-offs, rubber build up etc) so it makes everything else seem a little less than 2012. Don’t get me wrong, I commend his efforts, he is hitting all fronts (bike, formula, etc), but the tracks imho haven’t progressed as he has, the pavement itself just looks to generic to really draw me in. Focus more on polishing it and I think we have a superstar, and that’s what’s amazing is all this from a one man team.