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Wind Noise Sound Mod – Released

Wind Noise Sound Mod – Released

Wasser has put together a sound fix for GTR2 that adds wind-noise to the external sounds of cars. This makes watching replays a lot more realistic, especially when driving road cars.

Below is a comparison video for you to watch and decide whether you like the new sound effects or not. If you hit “Read More”, you can find full instructions on how to use this mod.

Add: Funk! points out that this mod works with rFactor (and probably any other ISI-based sim) too.

[youtube Bm5wXuNDRbo nolink]

Download Wind Noise Sound Mod Here

How to use:

Copy into “GTR2\Gamedata\Sounds” and open the .aud file of desired car and do the following changes:



replace with:

  • CpR

    Link are down 🙁

  • Montoya

    File seems to be down right now – Will be fixed as soon as a new mirror is available 😕

  • F1Racer

    Sounds much better, more realistic.
    Anyone know which BMW mod this is ?

  • FuNK!

    This works with rFactor as well too!

  • Montoya

    Thanks Funk!, added that in 🙂

  • F1Racer

    Im not sure that How To Use bit above is right.
    Both VS_OUTSIDE lines are DRY. Shouldnt the 2nd ones be WET ?

  • steve

    how to install on rfactor ? the same way ? dont find the file with this name .

  • F1Racer

    steve, in rF you use the .sfx files in the mod folder in Vehicles.

  • wasser

    Let me say that this is not a wind MOD. This topic could be irritating to the people. It’s more the sound produced by the tires on the road I think. Road noise.

  • tigeraid

    I would have to agree, it sounds a lot more like road noise than wind noise–not that it’s irritating exactly… and it’s only on replays.

  • F1Racer

    Only in TV view you mean.

  • steve

    sry , dont get it . a good tutorial for both games would be nice .

  • juls

    It is tire noise. It is true that you can hear it very far, even before the engine noise.

  • marco

    doesn’t it cause any online mismatches?