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Willow Springs for rFactor 2 – New Previews

Corti continues his great progress on bringing Tyrone’s Willow Springs track for Assetto Corsa to rFactor 2 as visible in a brand new set of previews.

Instead of being a straight conversion of the Californian road course, the rFactor 2 version will come with new textures and other changes, as well as an option to remove the somewhat controversial hot air balloon on the track’s horizon that has irritated some drivers.

Located just an hour outside of Los Angeles, Willow Spring is one of the oldest road racing facilities in the United States, hosting competition since 1953. Even though the track is not a staple in the schedules of high-profile racing series, it has become a stalwart in many racing titles, making regular appearances in games such as Project CARS & Gran Turismo.

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