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Watch Project CARS 2 in 4K Resolution

Nvidia has released a very impressive Project CARS 2 preview video, showing the degree of performance optimization players can expect from the new title.

Nvidia has released a very impressive Project CARS 2 preview video, showing the degree of performance optimization players can expect from the new title.

Despite showing some sub-standard driving, the video is impressive as it shows the title running at 4K resolution on a single Geforce GTX 1080, with a full field of cars racing at Fuji.

Project CARS 2 will bring 170 cars and 60 tracks to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One.

Powered by the studios’ Live Track 3.0 technology that allows dynamic surface conditions and the title’s comprehensive dynamic weather engine, Project CARS i2 able to simulate racing in any weather & season, including heavy winter weather & snow.

Aside from graphics & sound improvements, Project CARS 2 comes with refined physics featuring the title’s cutting-edge tire model and improved AI as well as brand-new gamepad controls & FFB improvements. The new version comes with robust eSports & online capabilities including Online Championship mode, driver rating as well as race directing & broadcast controls.

Project CARS 2 is due to be released in late 2017, more info on what’s new in the second version of the WMD-backed title can be found here.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    The definite graphics simulator

    • Leper Messiah

      oh hahaha never heard that before, look up the term “simulator” and PC+PC2 are racing sims, you can argue the fidelity of the sim but it IS a sim

      • melanieuk1

        You don’t need to hear it, its something that has been regurgitated since Slightly Mad Studio produced something better than ISI.
        To some people, if it’s not their “Dead rFactor2” it’s not a simulator.
        Big companies like Nvidia sponsors the best racing sims, Assetto Corsa and Project CARS, enough said.

      • Marc Collins

        Yes, this herky-jerky car (game pad controller presumably??) really looks like a simulator to me. Yes, millions want to play it because you can have fun with a game pad sitting on your sofa. Try driving a real race car with a game pad instead of proper controls and see how far you would get.

      • TheFourHorsemen

        Are you implying that, without a doubt, this unreleased game will s*cks (or be too arcade)…because this very video (released by Nvidia, not SMS) is played with a controller?

      • pez2k

        I used to play rFactor 1 with a controller before I bought a wheel, and every time I stopped there were a huge wave of forum posts about how the physics had suddenly become more realistic for all players at that very moment…

      • TheFourHorsemen


      • punkfest2000

        i think most sims can be played with a gamepad, but of course it takes away from the realism. Clearly the driver here was on a pad, and yes, it’s not the best way to showcase your product as a sim.

        In the future I hope they provide wheel only vids, unless of course they are trying to showcase the pad control abilities specifically.

      • HardRock

        I fail to see why someone’s preferred control method changes whether it’s a sim or not. Today’s gamepads can provide the same amount of analog inputs as a wheel + pedals can, so in fact they are perfectly valid control devices for driving. Of course due to the reduced range of inputs they are not ideal, but for that all sims have assists that you can enable to make the cars more controllable.

        I would also like to insert an interesting quote here, guess who said this (or you can Google it if you give up). I largely agree with this quote, however I do think gamepads would have to be redesigned first in a fews ways (mostly to give them more input range) to become better than wheels for driving:

        “A steering wheel, even in a car, is not the best thing that exists to turn the wheels. Steering wheels were invented a hundred years ago because there was no power steering and you needed something to turn the wheels that would take away the power that’s required. But it’s not the best thing to use to control a car because you have to move all your shoulders and your body.

        When you’re cornering in a fast, physically difficult position in a race car the steering wheel is actually bad. You’d be much better with a hand-held controller because you have much more control with your wrist and fingers. So that’s why I don’t want to contrive myself with a steering wheel when I’m actually gaming.”

      • melanieuk1

        “Try driving a real race car with a game pad instead of proper controls and see how far you would get.”

        Jog on brains, you don’t have to tell me that, after all I own Two steering wheels and pedal set.
        Here’s a tip for you, try telling that to rFactor2 number one fan boy, who seems to play rFactor 2 with a keyboard, then has the nerve to try and preach about physics, and no I’m not referring to wajdi.

      • Marc Collins

        Unlike you, I don’t see the need to dredge-up rF2 in every unrelated topic. Using a gamepad to showcase your impressive looking game is dumb. Even if 99% of users were likely to use game pads, I would still use a wheel for a marketing video so it had some chance of resembling a real car. That’s the only point I am making and it applies to any racing game or sim.

      • TheFourHorsemen

        I can say that I play more with AC than pCars…
        But even if pCars is far from perfect, I haven’t uninstalled it…unlike rF2! 🙂

      • melanieuk1

        Not even pirates want it, that’s how popular it is.

      • TheFourHorsemen

        I hope the new company will change that….

      • noroardanto

        Please don’t feed the troll, obviously they just want to annoy other people.. even insults on them will make them happy and troll again in the future.

  • Leper Messiah

    jebus I wish they’d have people who could actually drive properly to show things off. Looking good (which is to be expected). Nice to see how optimised it is, although I hope for the AMD users things go a bit better. Hopefully I can run it on my 660ti!!

    • Steve Bird


    • HardRock

      René Rast just uploaded a video from pCARS 2 to his YT channel. He can definitely drive properly. Check it out, although I’m sure it will be linked here soon in an article as well.

      • Leper Messiah

        cheers for the info!

  • HardRock

    Couple of things I noticed:

    1) The new tyre sounds are freaking awesome!

    2) If this video is anything to go by AI divebombing is a thing of the past. It’s unlikely the difficulty have been set to the max here though, so we’ll see how the they behave on the higher settings. That said, I’m sure they will be much more aggressive when their driving ability is set to be above of the player’s, as they should be.

    3) The AI seems more predictable overall. It was mostly a corner specific issue in pCARS 1, but here I haven’t seen egregious cutting from the AI when pushed on the inside line, nor did I see unnecessary swerving on the straights and slight bends when other cars slowly approached them from the side.

    4) Sticky collisions seem to be fixed also.

    5) Even in 4k, the aliasing around distant shadows, chain-link fences, antennas, poles and generally narrow objects is quite jarring. The various AA modes did help with this in pCARS 1 though, so I’m sure the situation can be improved even in 1080p.

  • emilblixt

    It’s funny. To me the only sim that looks real and have some presence to it is iRacing. The others looks more like animated cartoons if you know what I mean. I like the driving experience in rF2 and AC but i feel more “there” in iRacing.

    • HardRock

      To each his own. I think iRacing looks great, very clean, but a tad flat (and I don’t just mean their trees 🙂 ), minimalistic to my taste and lacking trackside detail in some places. You can really tell that they have been polishing an old graphics engine and assets for quite some time now if you look at the competition.

      It’s true that in contrast pCARS is probably a bit over the top, but in general I think it captures the look of the tracks and environments much better, not to mention that you can do some great aerial shots on all tracks without seeing jarringly low quality models and textures anywhere. The latter may seem like an insignificant detail to people only caring about racing, but it does allow video makers to create some amazing pieces.

      • emilblixt

        Yes, I think its the raw clean graphics of iR that does it for me. I feel like im watching cars, not a movie with cars. 😀

      • HardRock

        Yeah, and I can see why. A clean look has advantages for chaotic situations, allowing you see what’s happening at a glance when people are swerving left and right before you while others roll over, crashing. Or maybe that was just my online experience in sims. 🙂

    • Jimmy

      AC can look superb with some of the filters. I do love the clean look of iRacing though.