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Watch New Project CARS 2 Rallycross Gameplay Footage

Plenty of new Project CARS 2 Rallycross footage has surfaced on Youtube.

A week ago, Slightly Mad Studios revealed a major addition to their upcoming Project CARS 2 title, unveiling the title’s rallycross content.

Since then, plenty of new gameplay footage of the new feature has surfaced on Youtube, showing plenty of sideways racing action.

Powered by the title’s sophisticated Live Track 3.0 engine, Rallycross in Project CARS will feature a handful of the 600hp purpose-built rallycross machines build by Ford, VW, Mini & Honda that can be raced sideways on an iconic selection of rallycross tracks, including Hell, Lydden Hill, Dirtfish and the rallycross layouts at Daytona & Hockenheim.

To ensure a realistic experience, rallycross in Project CARS 2 has been created in close collaboration with Team OSME and rallycross racing stars Mitchell deJong and Oliver Eriksson.

  • Markus Ott

    I can’t tell what’s an realistic amount of grip for these kind of cars, but compared to pCARS1 the cars look stiffer and the steering input translates much more direct to how the car reacts on it. It just doesn’t look as sluggish and washed out as pCARS1. Like it.

  • Pe11e

    The moment I saw that presenter is using joypad – I closed the video.

    • Leper Messiah

      Narrow minded much?

  • Commander_Quack

    I’m hoping to enjoy this just as much as I’m still enjoying DriveClub.

  • Leper Messiah

    That’s looking really promising, following a car is going to be a MARE over the loose stuff! Just been watching WRX Barcelona and really excited for this sort of thing. (note to self fire up some DR rx!)