Watch Mixed Reality DTM Racing At Bathurst

Marcel Pfister is back with a new “Mixed Reality” video, showing us an action-packed 90s DTM race at Bathurst, filmed using his unique technique.

What is Mixed Reality?

It´s a way to record and show gameplay to serve a better understanding of how it feels to use Virtual Reality. It uses a greenscreen to later blend out the room you are playing in and instead blending in the virtual environment life or in video editing. So it´s only a way to show to the viewers, while playing i can´t see my wheel and real hands. So it´s not like Augmented Reality, which will maybe come in a few years and will look similar. The quality looks worse than it is while playing, because i record in 1080p, but have t stretch and crop the footage to a part of one eye, which results in a resolution less than 720p.

Marcel’s Specs

Intel i7 4790k, 16GB Ram, GTX 1080
Oculus Rift CV1
Speedmaster V2 seat
Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base V2
Fanatec Clubsport BMW Rim with Porsche sticker
Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2

  • erictheking87

    Great stuff, very nice video! Only thing missing in AC is the ’92 Audi V8 quattro DTM as an official content… That would be a brilliant addition.

  • Rob Stewart

    Love these videos, thanks for sharing.

    • Marcel


  • Silvio


    • Marcel

      Thank you!

  • Marcel

    Thanks for sharing

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