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Watch iRacing’s 2018 Indycar In Action

iRacing has released a first preview video of their Dallara IR-18 Indycar open wheeler.

The video shows the brand new car in action both in oval & road course configuration, the 2018 Indycar will be made available starting March 6th.

Instead of allowing even more complicated and obscure aero solutions, Indycar has opted on a cut-back of aero, creating a retro-style open wheeler with clean lines that looks closely to what top-level open wheelers looked like in the mid 90s instead of today’s aero-monstrosities that make up top level open wheel racing. Aside from just merely looking pretty, the car is also meant to improve the racing as the aero cutbacks have resulted in a car that is trickier to drive and will allow more crafty drivers to shine.

iRacing members will be getting their hands on the new car in the March build as the IR-18 will replace the current DW12 as iRacing’s top Indycar. Members who have purchased the DW12 in the last six months with get their money refunded in iRacing credits while all other members will get free access to the legacy car as well.