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Watch Hockenheim 2001 in Automobilista

Take a look at the 2001 version of Hockenheim in Automobilista, coming later this month.

Reiza Studios is gearing up to releasing their next “Legendary Track” DLC pack, bringing us a comprehensive rendition of Germany’s legendary Hockenheim track.

The DLC release will not just include the modern GP version and the former layout made famous by its long straights and chicanes, it will also include the even more historic chicane-less 1976 version as well as the Hockenheim rallycross track.

Today, we get to take a look at the 2001 layout, the last modern version of the “old” track before it was extensively remodeled (purists would probably use the word “ruined”).

The Hockenheim Legendary Tracks DLC pack for Automobilista will be available at the end of May.

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