Watch A Full Lap Video of Imola 1988 in Automobilista

DigiProst has released a full lap video of the Imola 1988 beta for Automobilista in his home simulator, driving the V12 Formula One car.

Called the Legendary Tracks Part 1 DLC, the Imola DLC will introduce no less than four decades of Imola as Automobilista players can look forward to racing the iconic Formula One venue in 1972, 1988, 2001 & 2016.

The 1972 & 1988 layouts are already available for beta testing, allowing us to check out footage like the one below. The Legendary Tracks Part 1 DLC will be selling for $5.99 once available.

  • Neanderthal

    Sound of the car is not very good to be honest. Doesn’t sound as a real V12.

    • gtp

      V12 was taken from the actual CD that used to get released with engine sounds, of the ’95 Ferrari I believe. It’s one of the more satisfying F1 sounds in videogames. There’s nothing interesting in the video, it’s Imola ’88 and the V12. If it was 1972 Imola or the 2001 or 2016, maybe just to see the differences.

  • Ross Siggers

    downshift much

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