Watch A First Promo Video Of The GPL 1955 Mod

The Grand Prix Legends modding community shows no signs of slowing down, almost 20 years after the title’s initial release.

After improving the stock 1967 Formula One content and adding several other historic seasons as well as Can-Am sports cars, the newest modding project now turns the clock back even further, focusing on 50s-style Formula One racing.

GPL 1955 will bring the cars from the mid-50s to GPL, a time when motor racing technology was even more simplistic, difficult to handle, and dangerous than in the original GPL title.

You can check out plenty of footage of the carefully-crafted mod below, GPL 1955 will be available for download in Q1 2017.

  • svenvangent

    He he great ….GPL is still around .
    Congratulation for the up comming GPL 1955 Mod Guy’s

  • AlmightySatan

    Need Oculus support in GPL.

    • Cristianfx

      true, every good sim needs

  • Kev

    Time to finally get this sim I guess as no other dev is stepping up. I’ve said that before, though, and ended up not taking the plunge. What does install and learning curve look like for this sim?

  • ozpata

    installation is very simple, put disc on but don’t install it then download the GPLPS installer and run it, it will ask for the gpl exe just point to it and the installer will do the rest

    in 15m you will have a gpl fully updated and patched , ready to go

    for mods you need to install the Gem which allows to manage mods and tracks

    • Paul Menard

      i had thought if i was going to reinstall it again, todo it with generic names for gem or whatever the mod selector was called, then zip it up and put it on some file sharing thing, because god damn theres alot of little bits and bobs todo, and having a all in one solution would be great. but i dont know about the legality and ethics of that :/

  • Rob Stewart

    Fantasic, love GPL.

  • RapidRefund

    I am glad they are keeping this sim racing Icon Alive as it almost serves as the center piece of when sim race software stepped up to the next level paving the way to what we have now.

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