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Volvo The Game – New Artwork & Video

Volvo The Game – New Artwork & Video

Simbin has released new preview material of their upcoming free Volvo – The Game title. Five new artwork shots show us the included racing cars, covering several years of touring car racing.

The modern day Volvo C30 & Volvo S60 touring cars are accompanied by true classics such as the Volvo S40 & Vovlo 850 Estate of BTCC fame as well as the legendary Volvo 240 Group A Turbo car.

The cars can be raced on two tracks, the Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena known from STCC – The Game as well as Chayaka, a Ukranian race track outside of Kiev.

Also available is a new preview video, giving us a sneak preview of the Volvo C30. The video can be watched below, a high resolution download link is also available. Volvo – The Game will be released on the 26th of May, the title will be available free of charge for everyone to download.

[youtube NVoyeZrekr8 nolink]

Download Volvo – The Game Sneak Preview Video Here

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