Volusia Speedway Coming To iRacing

iRacing has announced another addition to their soon-to-be available dirt racing content – Volusia Speedway.

The Floridian dirt track is the third dirt racing venue that will join the simulation alongside Eldora Speedway & Williams Grove Speedway.

The preview video below gives us a first look at the track, showing the Dirt Late Model and Winged Dirt Car in action. Fans of more European-style content will be getting something to enjoy in iRacing’s upcoming dirt content as the Chip Ganassi Racing Ford Focus rallycross car will be part of the content as well.

iRacing’s dirt racing content will be available later this year as we wait for a more exact release date.


  • Me

    Nice wheelie at the end…do they really do that?!

  • Bakkster

    Cars aren’t floating over the track: check

    Sprint car wheelie: check

    Looks like iRacing is preparing to plant the flag and be the definitive dirt racing game after so long without a true contender.

    • LithiumFox

      =/ The floating car thing didn’t bother me. I just assumed there was physically dirt above the track itself and that if they added in 3D dirt down the road it would look right.

      God forbid if they “fixed it” to appease that and ruined the physics.

  • https://soundcloud.com/glen-orpheus Glen Orpheus

    the Mud looks exceptionally shinny at 21 seconds, but I’m sure it’ll be just fine (“,)

    • legion

      It looks how it’s suppose to look.

      • Bakkster

        Yeah, very wet track and low sun in the background reflecting off of it. Not that the shaders can’t be improved, but it’s definitely an extreme example.

  • populous111

    Sorry… I’m not so impressed… High specular reflections on mud, can’t see any loose particles, x-shaped trees(!), overdone normal maps etc.

    • Bakkster

      Plenty of particles from 41s to the end. Last we heard one of the last things they needed to do was hook up the cushion physics to the visuals so you could see it. The particles are already existing physically.

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