Volkswagen Polo G40 Cup – New Previews

Digital Apex Modding has released new previews of their Portuguese Volkswagen Polo G40 Cup for rFactor.

This is the first time we get to see the nimble little tin-tops in-game, the shots show plenty of intense door to door racing this mod will provide.

The series ran from 1991 to 1993 in Portgual, using the G40 version of Volkswagen’s Polo.

  • diz

    first ! (wasnt very hard after 36hours…) what i want to say is that i think only 10 people are interessested in such a mod ???

    • PetrolheadDen

      11 if it were GTR2, lol.

      • Alex Ventura

        The mod will be converted to GTR2 almost as the same time as the release for rFactor 🙂

      • PetrolheadDen

        Very good news! Thank you!

      • Kendra Jacobs

        But will have better physics as almost all mods do on RFactor, in comparison to the exact same mod in GTR2.

    • zerez86

      Looks to be a great little (nearly historic) touring car. So I guess there are much more than 10 people…

  • wibble

    I have a real G40 🙂

  • Jack_NL

    Thanks for creating this mod guy’s

    Could be real fun online 🙂

    Greets from a Golf MK II driver

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