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VirtualR Posting Rules Updated

The VirtualR comment posting rules have been updated.

With more than 120k comments already posted, the comment area is undoubtedly a core feature of VirtualR.

In order to maintain a civil and constructive commenting environment that everyone can enjoy, we have updated the posting rules and would like to ask all readers to quickly familiarize themselves with the rules by checking them out here.

While we would like nothing more than to read informed conversations/debates that are kept in a civil tone regardless of the disagreement or posted subject matter, we do realise that is sometimes an unrealistic expectation.

Many of us have strong opinions and varying ways and abilities to express these opinions.

But the most important thing from our point of view is to maintain a civil atmosphere and promote a pleasant place for people to visit. Nobody should want to trawl through post after post of arguments that are insulting, belittling or abusive to others.

To that end, the existing posting rules have been tweaked and a little expanded to cover most situations. They are not there to curb your right to express yourself or to limit what you can say. However there are boundaries that are either inappropriate or unacceptable. You cannot just say whatever you want. You are chatting to other people who have feelings too.

The rules are mainly there for the protection of each member so they don’t have to be subjected to insults/trolling etc. and to stop those who wish to dish that out, as well as being there for, as we said, helping VirtualR be a civil environment for people to engage and discuss in.

Please enjoy your time with us and enjoy your hobby as it is one we all share!

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