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VirtualR – Now With More Speed!

VirtualR has gotten a bump in speed thanks to technical innovations behind the scenes.

As you might have noticed during the past few hours, VirtualR has gotten a substantial speed increase as the site has received major technical renovations within the last few days.

This should especially benefit users from outside Europe as until now, VirtualR has been hosted on one single server located in Germany. Now, the site uses an infrastructure called a “Content Delivery Network” which uses a network of servers around world, automatically selecting the location closest to each user to serve the content stored on this site.

The results should be improved loading times for users in North America, Asia & Australia so hopefully visiting VirtualR will be a much more smoother affair from now on!

Since the changes on the technical background have been somewhat substantial, there might be an odd error showing up here and there (although it shouldn’t), please report any bugs you might find while browsing the site in the comments below.

I would like to point out that these investments in the site’s infrastructure are only possible because of my incredibly loyal advertisers who are vital in keeping VirtualR healthy and afloat…so check out their products once in a while, they’re awesome!

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