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Valencia Street Circuit – Progress Video

Valencia Street Circuit – Progress Video

A month ago, franco.fxp of released a first beta version of the Valencia Street Circuit – Home of the 2008 European F1 Grand Prix.

In the meantime, Bruno Menezes, Leonardo Lourenço and Sandro Nex have revised the track, adding many trackside objects and details. The video below shows the progress they´ve made, some stuff like bumps and shaders are still left to do.

[youtube ZYVh9yapsjo nolink]

  • F1Racer

    Now I’m decided – music should be banned from sim-racing vids 🙂
    Seriously though, the track progress looks fantastic. To get this far already before we’ve even had a proper race there is great.
    If I had to crit something it would be the sky. Somehow the dark clouds on the horizon don’t seem to fit in with the kind you would expect to find in Valencia (unless maybe in winter).
    Or are you just running it with a later time of day perhaps ?

    Overall, very cool !

  • Bruno Menezes

    Hello F1Racer,
    Yeah, that´s correct! I was running in 2 different day times. The Cockpit was around 19:00h and the TV-Onboard about 14:00h.
    I´m open to new ideas and critics.. Please, tell everything u think about it, so, I can make our funny better 😀
    Now I´m working on the small bumps and the Walls (getting it closer to the track) and later will be the pit lane exit.

    Anyone who wants to suggest / make critics, email-me
    [email protected]

    see ya

  • Meclazine

    Jezuz Menezuz,

    That’s impressive!

  • FooAtari

    Track looks really impressive. How close is to complete? Just wondered as it looks a little bare. Although I’ve seen little of the track so maybe there isn’t much to see from the cockpit, I just expected more buildings and things being a street circuit, but I could well be wrong there.

    Keep up the awesome work

  • stteinberg

    Looks much better than the first one, but maybe you can add some buildings for the sky texture cause when you look over the walls you just see the sky, yes the sky texture is realy great but it looks empty, i hope you know what i want to say (sorry for my bad english)

    greetings stteinberg

  • David Smith

    Looks nice, i just worry about alot of corners that can be cut, most will not obey white lines and will just straight line alot of corners. Is the real track like this or is there any curbs there?

  • HouzE

    ”Bruno MenezesAugust 9th, 2008 at 12:55 am
    Yeah, that´s correct! I was running in 2 different day times. The Cockpit was around 19:00h and the TV-Onboard about 14:00h.”

    Man… im from Valencia , at 19:00 o’clock we have a bright and stifling sun 😎 😆

    So please change the sky! 😈

    Nice work :mrgreen:

  • Bruno Menezes

    FooAtari, yeah, the track is missing a lot of elements, buildings..we´re still working on these things too.The track is 70% complete (but the final 30% is the slowest part..) Maybe more 1 week and the track will be done.

    Stteinberg, eheh, I know what u´re talking about..Its happen when the game have nothing to render, so we see the “nothing” 😯
    It is a issue from the original valencia and can be fixed in 5 minutes. Thanks to remember!

    David Smith, Our team uses these 2 videos

    to understand and create the track. A lot of corners are missing curbs and bumps. We can add too “cut track” system, so the game detects cheating over the trackline. We´re working on all these things now.. Thanks for the observation!

    HouzE, Thanks to the advice! I will change the sky. But, when is the dawn there? and the sunrise?

    Thanks all of you,
    Bruno Menezes

  • b00nl€$$

    I hate this Track to drive

  • HouzE


    on summer time (GMT +2)

    Sunrise 07:10 pm
    Time of transition h 14:10
    Sunset 21:00 pm
    Top of civil twilight 06:40 pm
    End of civil twilight 21:30 pm
    Duration of sunshine 14h approx.


  • HouzE

    sorry Sunrise 07:10 *AM* 🙄

  • Bruno Menezes

    Ok guys, thank you so much by the comments. The Track is almost on the way.
    The track was merged with MMG (SteveB).

    99% done.

  • Bruno Menezes

    Folks, track finished and released! 😈
    check to download!