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UK Rally 1.0 – Released

UK Rally 1.0 – Released

Raceking has released UK Rallye for rFactor, a tarmac rallye track through the beautiful UK country side. The track comes with lots of eye candy and details, too bad that you won’t have much time to watch the sheep while you try to keep your car on the road.

Below are some screenshots, courtesy of 6e66o. Make sure to check out his site and download UK Rally below.

Download UK Rally 1.0 Here

  • F1Racer

    sheesh, that looks really good ! Definitely having this one.

  • DRat

    Beautiful, and a heck of a good drive. Very nice! RaceKing has come a long way since the first “rally china” release. The AI works, too!

  • dreken

    nice conversion, just shows
    how codemasters do some great work

  • samantha

    QUOTE: drekenAugust
    nice conversion, just shows
    how codemasters do some great work

    Wrong, this isnt a conversion of codemaster UKRally track.
    This one is 110 times better, longer & just drop dead pleasing to the eye.

    well done raceking, more rally tracks like this please 😀

  • Anonymous

    wow, nice detail in those shots . . .
    downloading now, sheeps and all.

  • Jack_NL

    gotta love sheep lol

    looking good RaceKing!
    gonna drive it today with the Nissan R34

  • F1Racer

    hehe, driving out of my stately home in my HistorX Mini looked like a scene from The Italian Job (the original and best movie).

    Having now tried it I can say its an amazing track, loads of fun (especially the jump) and after the lap, your back home in time for tea and scones :mrgreen:

    Nice work !

  • Rantam

    Great track indeed. And cool pics 😉

  • Anonymous

    Great track. I’ve seen some shots in this track with the Ford Focus. Anyone knows where to get it?

  • mtjoeng

    bad download link at