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Two Free netKar-based Simulations – Released

Two Free netKar-based Simulations – Released

If you ever wanted to try Kunos Simulazioni’s netKar Pro simulation, this is your chance as two free simulations based on their engine have been released.

The first, made by Italian tire company Marangoni, includes the Osella hillclimb prototype and the Trento Bendone hillclimb track. Please note that this title has driving aids activated by default, pay attention to the manual which describes how to turn off the aids.

The second is a free netKar Pro demo by, including the recently-released Abarth 500 which can be tried for free.  This one is only available in Italian though so it might require some trial and error to make it work for non-Italian speakers.

Download Marangoni netKar Hillclimb Simulation Here

Download netKar Abarth 500 Demo Here

  • Crazy Bored

    I am really impressed with the hillclimb one.

    You have to press G, T, and Q in the car to turn off the assists.

    I can’t figure out how to turn up the ffb, it says something about it going from 0-200% in the manual but I can’t find out where to change it. I am running 360 degrees on a G25, and I just wanted to turn the ffb up a bit.

    The track is quite fun with the exception of the understeering in the really slow turns. I am probably not driving them very well. However I would still like to change the setup somehow. The actual feel of the car is awesome, I just wish it had some more front grip. It would be pretty hard to lean this track well, my first lap time was 12:15. It didn’t feel that long since the car was so enjoyable though, especially at high speed.

  • DevonK

    The hillclimb track is really well done, scenic and varied. With a 30″ display you feel like you are in Switzerland. Too bad it can’t be used with a sim that gives better feedback through the wheel, you can’t really tell what’s up with the grip with a G25. The car also needs a lot less slow-speed understeer and a tighter steering ratio. And it sounds irritating after a while.

    PS the restart button is not a real restart – it leaves you with a damaged car if you have had an off, so you have to restart the game. 🙄

  • AaronC

    Press “B” on your keyboard, bud. It will reset the car. 😀

    DevonK: PS the restart button is not a real restart – it leaves you with a damaged car if you have had an off, so you have to restart the game.

  • kill4f00d

    For the Marangoni sim, I wanted to use my xbox 360 controller (i don’t have a wheel) and the controller configuration menu didn’t recognize it at all. =( Keyboard controls fail.

  • Jos

    that hillclimb link is really slow, 20 kb/s :angry:

  • eddiespag

    Link is not showing anymore. Anybody have any alternates? Thanks.

  • logos

    A download link for the Marangoni simulator from the RSC forums:

  • DevonK

    Saw that in the manual. Reset usually means return the vehicle to the track though, not repair the damage – that would normally be covered by a restart. Obvious translation issue.

    AaronC: Press “B” on your keyboard, bud. It will reset the car. 😀

  • orubasarot

    Finally get to drive the 500, thank you.

    I was waiting for NetKar to have just one more tin top before buying, but now I know it’s worth it. From what I can see and feel, even after trying iRacing out for a month, this is quite possibly the best sim on the market right now. I don’t understand why it isn’t more popular.

  • yavin

    Totally agree, the 500 Abarth Sim is really awesome and now, i want the nkpro full version 🙂

  • GFraser1965

    The download link for the Marangoni simulator no longer works.
    Anyone have an alternate download link?? ………… or possibly can you upload it somewhere?

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