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Trier Circus Maximus for rFactor 2 – First Previews

Gundam has started a very interesting track project for rFactor 2, the Circus Maximus in Trier.

Gundam has started a very interesting track project for rFactor 2, the Circus Maximus in Trier.

The city track is known as super special stage of the Deutschland Rally WRC event, allowing spectators to get close to the cars as they race through the streets of the German city.

Being located right in the city center near the iconic Porta Nigra, the track comes with a lot of surrounding objects, making it hard to create a virtual version. Looking at the first previews below, Gundam seems to be off to a great start though.

  • Silvio

    These guys (Gundam, Feels3, and others) are just crazy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sick project (Modelling related)!

  • Anonymous

    rfactor 2 has some amazing talent producing content, so much so that isi’s own team just look lazy by comparison, sorry Tim if you read this, but it’s true.

  • Inkon Gynto

    Hard to believe that someone is wasting his time with making the most boring superspecial stage ever. The screens are looking good but the track is horrible (in real life)

  • Danny Engels

    I’m living in Trier and would love to see this one really really detailed. If anybody has contact to Gundam, he is very well welcome to message me if he needs any more input about the circuit!

    • Gundam

      Danny, i’ve 1gb of picture, but maybe i will need some pictures (house and other objects)


  • Gundam

    Hello, i’m just a crazy track modder 🙂
    Gynto is right, it’s a horrible track but i don’t like do normal track … some time ago i made the OldRing for rF1, a fantasy track.
    It was a challenge against all known circuits and … OldRing won “fantasy track category” and was the fifth most best track in the overall standings (just lucky)

    Now it’s time to do something real. I think that : running between the houses (more then 150), sidewalks and trees of Trier is very exciting.

    First step is PowerStage layout … next ?
    I don’t know … maybe … it could be extended to other Trier routes, just to have a Trier GP 🙂

    Now, i know Trier as my home. Trier is a very beautiful city !