Thrustmaster T500 SLI Mounting System – Video

The guys over at have released a first video of their Thrustmaster T500 SLI Mounting System.

Even though the T500 RS comes with plenty of high-end features like 1080 degree steering, the wheel lacks a display and rev-meter such as the Logitech G27’s. The SLI Mounting System changes that as it equips the wheel with a SLI display, rev-meter & and four rotary encoders.

The mounting system uses the SLI-M or SLI-I displays, the mounting system alone sells for 69.95 British Pounds while a version including the pre-wired SLI display sells for 225 Pounds.

More info can be found here, a video of the unit in action can be checked out below.

  • Sébastien Tixier

    Where the SLI USB cable goes when you turn the wheel 1080°? Seems like there a flow in the design, I’d like to see a video with somebody acutaly using the wheel.

  • General Rush Hour

    In the comments section on youtube they say that they are aware of it and there are solutions to that. 

    Not many race cars have 1080 degrees of rotation so if you drive F1 for example you should have no problems with the solution above. But driving a Mustang you might need another solution.

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