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Thrustmaster T500 RS – New R&D Video

Thrustmaster T500 RS – New R&D Video

Thrustmaster has released a new video of their T500 RS wheel in research & development, showing the H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology in effect.

Thanks to H.E.A.R.T, the T500 RS offers 65536 values on the steering axis for enhanced precision. The T500 RS is on sale since today, PC users should keep in mind that PC drivers for the wheel are still in development and not yet available.

The T500 RS is Thrustmaster’s new upper-market wheel featuring 1080 degrees of sterring, double-belt driven Force Feedback and a seven-kilo pedal unit that can be used both standing and inverted for hanging pedals. The T500 RS sells for 499€ in Europe and $599 in the United States.

  • aaa

    yeah, and everything else is overpriced.

  • The Biff

    uhmmmm….o.k.  lol.  I’m more interested in the pedals.  I might just go for clubsport pedals and keep my momo. 

  • Marco Linke

    Nothing special!? :-E It still has the stupid fixed paddles otherwise I would maybe give it a try.. …once a PC driver is available 😉

  • mike88

    after watching the ISR video I am convinced this is the real deal.

    the price is steep but i am hoping for Thrustmaster to sell a lot of volume to bring down the price to 450$ range atleast.

    or it would be so worth it to if they sold the wheel only and pedals were seperate.

  • KUMI

    New Info:

    Wheel Features:
    T500 has 2x modes for PS3

    1) Force Feedback Mode
    2) Emulation Mode

    GT5 will use (FFB Mode) and will rely on the games options via what they call (Software Development Kit). Kaz experience from the Nur 24Hr has been part of their focus on wheel torque and precision.

    For games that the wheel does not detect the SDK it will go into emulation mode.

    This mode emulates the PS3 controller and will require changing options in the controller option screens.
    Clutch pedal is not supported and wheel is limited to 270 degrees.
    Their will be 2x Sensitivity modes to overcome a controllers deadzone in emulation mode.
    Also an “Auto Return To Centre Function” that allows the user to increase or decrease its strength.

    These modes are operated with combined button presses detailed in the manual.

    Pedal Features
    2x tilt positions for each pedal changing the angle.
    Each pedal has 3x possible travel positions effecting the pedal resistance.
    Long 10Kg / Medium 8.5Kg / Short 7Kg fitting positions.

    The “Realistic Brake” adapter allows two settings by reversing it around. Strong and Stronger offering approx 14Kg and 16Kg of resistance but as Darin said and the instructions state this can only be used in the Long position. However that as can be seen offers an additional 4Kg or 6Kg of resistance.

    Upcoming Shifter
    It will be upto developers to decide to support the PS3 Gearstick as a seperate device or via the wheels VI PID. So we as a community should use our voices to encourage game developers to utilise this feature in upcoming games.

    Additional Info
    T500 will allow Pedals/Wheel/Gearknobs to be interchanged with official motorsport products however not all of course.

    The future is open for a Special or Ltd edition model if they so desire.
    (Not saying what/who but respected motorsport brand edition could be on the cards, possibly

  • KUMI


    Just one or two very firsts impressions because it’s late here in france and i must go to work in 5 hours…

    the pedals looks robusts and well designed. heavy, full metal.

    As i said before, can’t compare to another excepts the G25’s.

    the brake’s mod is for me really an improvment (i remind you i had a stock
    g25 before) at least in terms of feeling.

    there is a lot of possibilitys of adjustements on the pedals. so i have set the break pedal to the left, as far as possible from the gaz pedal, in order to have a comfortable left foot brake.
    good results for me. even with the central bar of the playseat.

    the clutch don’t work actually.

    To devander, i will try tomorow the brake without the mod and will say to you
    my feeling.

    the wheel is another world compare to the g25, as expected.
    very very strong.
    for example, when you spin, it’s sometimes (depends of the car) almost impossible to retain the wheel (gt5 ffb set on 10, haven’t yet try another value). impressive, but for me a detail.

    the most important is that it is very smooth, sensitive.
    the strengh of the wheel serves the acurancy and the velocity of the informations that the game (the virtual car) send to you, and that’s precisely what i was expecting to.

    imo, a great leap forward.
    can’t wait to try this on Iracing… hope the support will be good.

    the rim has no leather… a litlle bit disapointing for me.
    good grip and pleasant contact despite all.

    there is a fan in the wheel, a bit noisy.

    nothing special about the paddles, well designed and sharp contacts.

    very good thing the paddles do not turn with the wheel imo.

    but it will take a litlle practice not to search them around the wheel after 3 years with a g25.

    and that’s true with the overall feeling, probably due to the FFB, very different, and the diameter of the wheel.

    last remark, at this time, i’m not faster with this wheel.
    question of time, i hope.

    very happy with this product after aprox. 6 hours of test with differents cars.

  • KastaRules

    Throw in a H shifter and lower the price and THEN we can start talking about the “real deal”…

  • The Biff

    From what I understand a higher end wheel  or high end pedals aren’t going to make you faster.  It’s just more immersion. 

  • Gnomie

    If the wheel is as good as it looks I think that’s well worth the full price alone! Would be even nicer if we got more information about exchanging the wheel rim, though..

  • simfan

    it might be up to the driver whether or not he/she will be able to take advantage of more precise and accurate information…

  • KUMI

    More impressions from Darin on the Thrustmaster T500RS

    On the pedal side, I like the Clubsports better. The wheel.. Is pretty incredible and like I said, drives like an ECCI or Frex wheel. I need more time with it and want to test it on the PC and with other games to give a full assessment.. Although it continues to blow me away every time I drive it.. It honestly shows how good the physics and FFB in GT5 is. I forget Im driving on the console and rally is amazing with this wheel!

  • YoShImUrA

    I still don’t get why they didn’t use leather for the steering in a 500€ h-gated-shifter-less wheel. I just can’t figure those two out. The leather is such a small detail to fix for such a big letdown. Perceived quality (let alone realism), anyone?

  • Sharkie

    You have to remember that this first version is ps3/gt5 oriented, i m sure the pc version will have leather and h-shifter from the get go.

  • kave

    Rather kinky video… 🙂

  • KUMI

    play with a Beamer and with Stereosound over amplifyer and speakers.
    Difficult to say. they both make a sound. I would say the G27 is harder in sound because of the gears, and the t500rs is more damped because of the belts. The t500 has a fan, too. You can hear this, but for me it is no problem.
    Anyway, the T500rs has no play! The g27 has little play, like “tic tic tic” when you stear left right left.

    The powersupply is double size of that g27 and the motor is getting warm after 10-20 min. ( I play with strong feedback )
    It seems that the wheel is adjusting for every different car. There are big differences if you drive an elise or an charger, in force and sensitivity.
    Actualy the plastic wheel is in the grip almost like leather. ( it smells even like leather )
    Seems to be very special material, feels like original car wheel. No problems with this.
    I payed les than 500 € for it. ( will not give it away anymore )



    PS: I like the pedals too. I installed the extra mod on it. aprox 14Kg to push. I like the pedals ( Brake ). Sensitive and strong built quality. I play the F1 style, because I can not see any advantages to put the heavy side vertical.
    There are also more screwholes in the F1 mode. The cable is a little short! You will need extension cable, if you are not sitting 80cm berfore your screen.

    I have one concern with the wheel! When you crash in a race, and you are not patiently enought to to put the wheels staright, and you abort the race with “st” button, than the wheel is rotating very very fast in Zero position!! This can break a finger or a hand of a child! be carefull!