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This Week Inside Sim Racing – January Edition

The guys over at have released a huge new edition of their This Week Inside Sim Racing show.

The guys over at have released a huge new edition of their This Week Inside Sim Racing show.

The new show is so long that the guys have broken it up in two parts. The first takes a look at the new “Big Five” in sim racing – Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, RaceRoom Racing Experience & iRacing.

The second part of the show offers the usual great mix of hardware & league coverage we have grown to expect from SRT – Enjoy the show!

  • Chris Wright

    Their lack of knowledge about rFactor2 just amazes me. Did Darin actually say that hadn’t even tried it at the time of filming? They also basically summarized new sim coverage that we’ve already seen on these pages, and elsewhere, then back to extensive discussion on iRacing of course. This is, to be fair, the premier broadcasting outlet for our hobby and really where we should be tuning in for in depth insights and exclusive previews of all the new sims. It’s a hugely missed opportunity, not only for Shaun and Darin but the various devs involved, who clearly haven’t been giving them preferential access up to now.

    • GamerMuscle

      responded in another comment was being special and pressed wrong button 🙂

    • PetrolheadDen

      It’s doesn’t surprise me. ‘Premier broadcasting outlet”? HAHAHAA!! Two guys in Mom’s basement giving us their opinions on Youtube is hardly that. I’d say sites like VirtualR and other serious sim news sites are more the real outlets, hardly SRT with their “We got free stuff so are going to gush over it” “reviews”. No one gives them preferential access because most of the sim companies know they are basically a joke, especially with their no returns policy on ‘reviewing’ items.

      • Chris Wright

        A very harsh analysis for the most part, if I may say so. Your assertion that they are broadcasting from mom’s basement is totally unfair – even NBC and CBS had to start somewhere you know. Ours is a niche hobby and therefore you can’t expect network style coverage. I think Shaun and Darin do an excellent job, all things considered, but unfortunately, for me at least, they still don’t seem to be focusing on a wide enough range of simulations and their iRacing bias, presumably due to the sponsorship, still affects their content far, far too much to be truly credible. As far as free stuff goes, it is common practice that reviewers get sent items in the hope that they get a positive assessment. I wouldn’t know about their “non returns policy”, except to comment that the cost alone of shipping some of that stuff back would probably make their small operation unviable. My only wish is that they would use their position to give us unseen insight into new sims, not a regurgitation of what we’ve read on the blogs. Could it be that their iRacing bias is what deters other devs from letting them do this? Perhaps Darin would like to comment?

      • PetrolheadDen

        He usually does, or sends a PM on various sites telling us what a big “CELEBRITY” he is and calling us names as quite a few people know, lol. Anyways, the “show” reminds me also WAY too much of those stupid “carshows” we in North America get where it’s all about their sponsors, mainstreamed and lobotomised beyond being able to watch it and has maybe 3 minutes of anything resembling “news” or interest but takes half hour to wade through the fluff to find it. If SRT was more of a serious site, they’d be a lot more watchable but they’re really just an ego trip for Darin.

      • Chris Wright

        As I intimated in my opening post here, what’s happening at ISR amounts to a wasted opportunity for the whole sim racing “industry”. Endless rig reviews are not really what the average punter wants out of a show like that. I’d argue that it’s all about tuning in to see exclusive reveals of upcoming titles and Lord knows we have a few of those right now. In my view ISR should be building this up week by week, month by month, but it isn’t happening. The fact that they’ve not even tried rFactor2, if I understood Darin correctly, is regrettable if true, because how can they comment on other sims if they have not tried them all. Whereas I can understand that they expect to receive expensive hardware for free, I would have hoped that sheer curiosity would have persuaded them to part with $40 odd bucks a year ago to try the rF2 beta for themselves, regardless of whether ISI sends them a review copy or not, which by the way I think they should have done. It seems wrong that they are broadcasting to an audience that arguably has a better knowledge of the new sims in the market than they do…

      • PetrolheadDen

        That’s basically my problem other than Darin’s attitude, in that many people new to the hobby get the impression watching ISR that they are somehow “experts” or “knowledgeable” and yet there are SO many LEGITIMATE sources of REAL information in the sim community. I usually try to message those that I see this happening to and send them to VirtualR, Nogrip, Racedepartment, TheWayIPlay, Simjunkies and many other sites that have real info that they can make a decision from and not biased attention getting fluff. they also don’t have to worry about Darin censoring them or sending them a nasty PM/email if they have a different opinion or disagree. lol.

      • PetrolheadDen

        Darin is not likely to respond as he is still nonreacting to his latest Celeburetard move at iRacing.

  • GamerMuscle

    Inside Simracing is fantastic , I really enjoy there shows and the content they put out But Darrin and shaun need to get there asses off i racing for a bit 😉
    ( in a kind way )

    Thing is i racing cators to Shaun and Darrin perfectly and I think that’s why they like it so much and also happen to give it more coverage , not because they have some agenda but simply because they enjoy it so by default know more about it / want to talk about it.

    I think this episode was more just a summery / filler episode anyway.

    Every time I have played i racing its been devoid of players in the faster cars 5-10 car girds max with one race every 1-2 hours and when thats not an issue It often requires me to spend $150 so on content to be able to garentee races at the uk times I play ( that would be after already spending £120) Basicaly you really need to own a whole bunch of cars and tracks to garentee having an available race with good numbers at certain times.

    Obviously as a hobby for 35+yr old men its not expensive but for those of us whipper snappers its quite a pretty penny. Its a shame to me that i racing has such a cost exclusion as its the cost that’s the main reason as to why most people simrace over real motor sport even go-carting.

    Lets face it simracing is shitty when it comes to emulating the feel of what it is to be physically moved around in a real car or what it is to actually drive a real car , though its good at the competitive side of things , some skill aspects and its awesome as an activity in and of itself.

    For people that like slower cars or oval racing I think i racing is grate though , even if its ridiculously expensive compared to other software.

    ( this was meant to be a response to Chris Wright , I’m special and pressed the wrong button )

    • Chris Wright

      I’d certainly challenge your assertion that this is a cheap hobby, if one is determined to go the distance with a full three monitor rig and the very best peripherals.

      • GamerMuscle

        you can chose though , I mean I use a 42″ tv that cost £500 three years ago and then a pc that I use for work and games which I spend about £400 a year on.

        Also from the competitive stand point you can win top level events with a G25 where as even the cheapest worse real world go carting will cost you a couple of grand each year with no chance to advance or win annything. and its not like you can use that cart for anything else.

        I used to have a 3 screen set-up and that only cost £450 for the three screens and again I used that for work and other entertainment.

        The very best peripherals are mostly needless gimmick rather than raw functionality ( not denying they might be fun to use and in some ways make things seem more believable) but on a practical level unless you have something like a Servo motor FFB wheel the improvements to the raw simulation are marginal.