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This Week In Sim Racing – November 12 Edition

Shaun Cole is hosting a new edition of’s excellent This Week in Sim Racing segment, recapping some of the things that happened during the past week.

Shaun Cole is hosting a new edition of excellent This Week in Sim Racing segment, recapping some of the things that happened during the past week.

This week, the show covers Gran Turismo 5 & Forza Motorsport 4 news, Simbin’ RaceRoom The Game 2 and WSGT 2 The Game.

Furthermore, a new Sim Rig of the Week is unveiled, belonging to no other than SRT’s own Darin Gangi as we get to check out his highly-customized Fanatec Rennsport rig.

  • Giovanni Scala

    Hi, sorry for posting here, but i need to talk with Montoya, i have sent some email but i had never a reply. Please Montoya contact me!

    • Kyle Puttifer

      Sent him some news on A1GP 2008/09, no reply. Technical faults?

  • Richard Hessels

    I noticed something funny, Shaun is always looking in to the camera with his head tilted slightly backwards. So we are looking in to his nostrils all the time.
    Might be an idea to put the camera lower or to raise Shaun a bit.

    What a awesome rig you guys showed off!!!
    Looking froward to the next episode.

  • Neger Lasse

    “Team RMT and they’ve been working on many different rfactor-mods over the years..”

    Really?! Which? I thought they worked on only one mod, which isnt even going to be released for rF? Have I missed something or have the members been involved with other groups personally?

    • Wim Bries

      🙂  Well, we all did allot of work in rF, but not as Team RMT.  We all goofed around with lots of stuff before we became Racers Modding Team as you know it from the WSGT2. But i guess ISR meant GTR2. 

  • Derek Speare

    Gotta love that rig!

  • Chris Wright

    Totally understandable that they have to make this thing pay for them, but for me everything they do now is so sketchy and the Fanatec product placements are becoming more and more obvious, now Darin actually works for them. They were more in-depth at one time and I think this validated what they did much more strongly. These weekly shows are often little more than a roundup of what’s been on this site, with a load of ads thrown in. 
    I just feel their quality control is dropping, but having said that I would never miss an episode.
    Still the go-to videocast for our community.

    • Darin Gangi

      Please define sketchy so that we don’t come off as biased or “sketchy”.. These comments keep surfacing from a concerned few about my relationship with Fanatec. How is it a bad thing for the show or the community ? Would you rather some guy out of college working for Fanatec, or someone that’s been part of this community for 20 years ? The show has had a great relationship with Fanatec for years, as well as Thrustmaster and Logitech.. Why is it such a big deal that I am helping develop sim products? Also, take a look at our site and don’t miss the Thrustmaster ads 😉 

      Don’t you think Thrustmaster would be the company with the biggest problem with my position ? Yet they sent us the F1 wheel and the new shifter as early as anyone.. They also invited us to Monza.. and.. I still love their products.. My opinion of Thrustmaster or Logtiech has not changed.

      In regards to TWISR.. We’ve been trying to add a lot more than whats here at Virtual R (which we love btw). Rig of the week, League of the week, Lotus 49 announcement. We have more plans to add more topics Inside our community as well. Team of the week, etc.. Then we have our reviews for stand alone larger topics as well.

      Stay tuned this week for all of the above, plus my look at Derek Speares Tilton pedal pads for…. OH no a Fanatec product.. my set of Clubsport pedals..  Sorry, he didn’t send me a set for Logitech pedals … 😉

      Last thing on the Fanatec front.. Of course we’re going to report on everything that has to do with Fanatec.. What other company is consistantly developing new hardware for all of us to enjoy? (that was not a Fanatec plug by the way, just a fact) 😉

      Sorry if that came off as harsh.. Just wanted to state my opinion here publically and let you know that we’re listening and will do everything we can to maintain our reputation as being fair, honest and unbiased.

      Chris.. We’re all for constructive criticism, but please be more specific to help us figure out where the quality issues are and why you consider my relationship with Fanatec sketchy.

      We’re glad you’re not going anywhere and want to make it so we’re not considered sketch 😉