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This Week in Sim Racing by SRT – October 22 Edition

Shaun Cole hosting a new edition of’s excellent This Week in Sim Racing segment, recapping some of the things that happened during the past week.

Shaun Cole hosting a new edition of excellent This Week in Sim Racing segment, recapping some of the things that happened during the past week.

This week, the guys cover new content for Game Stock Car, C.A.R.S., the GT Academy and more. Furthermore, the guys take us aboard the USS Hornet for the Nvidia Geforce LAN 6. Enjoy the show.

  • lee ross

    Do people still watch this show? Gone down hugely over the last year in quality

    • StarFoXySxv550

      Is this a trick question? The view counter is currently approaching 4000 views.

      • lee ross

        No, not a trick question. I meant do sim racers bother watching this show anymore? Off course the general public love them but they have lost the appeal for me now, it’s just gone down hill really quickly. It used to be such a great little show with real passion for sim racing but now you may aswell call it the Darin Ganji show, or the Fanatec show or the iRacing show. It’s a shame

      • Adrian Herrera

        I am a member of the general sim racing public and i enjoyed this show over a cup of coffee… I didn’t know about the GT5 free car, I’m interested in Reiza & C.A.R.S. projects, and dont care much about some of the other stuff featured on the show… but a FREE clip of less than 10 minutes talking about my favorite hobby is always welcome, regardless who the sponsors are. 

        Darin may have an annoying personality (at least for me) but he has done a lot of positive work for our hobby. And besides, he wasn’t even on this clip so why should it be called the Gangi show?

        It’s ok if you dont care about this show, but the fact that you have lost the appeal for it does not mean everybody else has. 

        To answer your question: Yes, some hardcore sim racers still watch it and some newbies are learning a lot about the hobby thanks to them. So instead of bashing their effort why don’t you just go watch something that you actually enjoy?

        I don’t mean to argue with you, I have no problem with you my fellow sim racer. Just sharing my opinion. 

      • lee ross

        I did not even watch the show. It was just a question in regards to do people even care what they have to say anymore. I understand people still enjoy it. I stopped watching it when it became the  Darin and iRacing show,whatever their latest sponsor is/was. My point is, is it used to be pretty good and interesting but for me it has slowly gone down hill and it’s a shame to see. I know they were pretty active within the community, i don’t dispute that.

      • Adrian Herrera

        Thats cool. And thanks for staying calm regarding my response hehe. 

        As i said, YOU have lost interest. And i understand the show has gone over some changes since last year. It’s not even the same show. They changed the format and the scope and name and sponsors and set and whatever… The point is that what they do is no longer relevant for YOU but for a lot of people it is still relevant.

        I stopped watching MTV a long time ago because it no longer plays my type of music (or even music at all), but that doesn’t mean the channel should be shut down because I don’t like it. I can just turn off the tv and go on my merry way. Same applies here. 

        What would you like to see on the show to make it more relevant for you? perhaps they will read this and take the feedback.

        Cheers mate. Have a nice day.

      • lee ross

        Excuse me but where did i say everyone had to hate it and preaching on it? Stop being so bloody dramatic. I asked a question that is all.

      • Adrian Herrera

        lol yeah i got carried away sorry

  • Anonymous

    I watch the show and I enjoy it.  I don’t schedule my day around it but it’s nice for a break and all things considered we are lucky we have the sponsors and folks dedicated enough to bring a fairly high production value show to use every week (more or less).

    So what if iRacing sponsors a great deal of it. Should they do all this work for free?  I find them pretty fair and balanced in their reporting and Inever feel they would push a product they didn’t think it was worthy for the sake of an extra buck.