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The Future Of iOpener & Real-Time Racing

The Future Of iOpener & Real-Time Racing

iOpener’s Emiel van der Wal has recently been interviewed by TouringCarTimes, the leading website for touring car racing news, and the interview reveals quite some interesting details on the futureof iOpener’s products.

Van der Wal confirms that the current Real-Time Racing beta test will conclude at the end of August as the company starts developing their first title for the PC. According to the interview, iOpener has successfully acquired the licenses to use the WTCC and FIA GT1 series, a iOpener-enabled WRC title will follow in 2012.

iOpener aims to have their first game available in the beginning of 2011. Despite working with Simbin during the Real-Time Racing beta test, van der Wal points out that iOpener is also in talks with other developers and not committed to anyone.

Another issue touched by the interview is the future pricing model as iOpener has not yet decided whether or not they´ll be using a subscription system or if each series will be made available for a one-off price. The very interesting interview can be checked out here, stay tuned for more on iOpener’s future products.

Update: It seems like I´ve misinterpreted the part of the interview concerning the WTCC & FIA GT1 licenses as iOpener has released the following statement:

“We understand that all gamers are very interested in the development. Unfortunately the statement that licenses have been acquired is premature. The approval that is mentioned is for testing our technology with WTCC, GT1 and WRC. We will continue to test and develop the technology in a successful concept.”

  • phil23

    If the games were developed by Simbin and were a standard sim first i.e offline with Ai as well as multiplayer then I’ll be interested. If it’s simply iOpener only then I don’t think it could ever be good enough to race properly. The tracks would have to be ultra accurate, weather and circuit conditions would have to be simulated exactly to the circuit at the time. I just don’t think all that is possible.

  • DChaps

    I thought the new WRC game being release in Oct. 2010 was going to be iOpener-enabled?

  • Montoya

    No, it’s not. It dosen’t have real stages so there’s no way the technology could work.

  • Ben

    Well, I totally agree, I couldn’t really get excited enough over racing a virtual Tarquini which you can’t knock off or wouldn’t respond to your actions (ie defending etc). IOpener is a nice idea, but I just can’t see it being a massive pull for the punters. If it was just a feature in an otherwise regular sim then I could see it being a nice novelty, but I think its just that, a novelty, and I wouldn’t be interested in playing a game built around that.

  • David Wright

    Strange interview.  The way he was talking – iOpener are in charge of the game rather than the developer.  This seems back to front to me.  I suspect most customers for a WTCC or GT1 sim will not want to use the iOpener aspect.  Rallying is the only form of racing where their concept really makes sense and this will be last to appear.

    Still, he does say their first game will be PC based.  Presumably this is the GT1 game by Simbin.  I had assumed this would be multi-platform but maybe it won’t.

  • qawaza

    So far I am not impress, i can’t just put my fingers on it. It just feel unreal & having the game base on Race07 Sim just making it worst. If it is on GTR2 i think it could have been a different story..oh well…

  • Doby

    The real drivers do overtake you in a realistic way I found out. Its not that they drive on rails like some AI do.

  • Carbonfibre

    Face it, Blackbean has nothing going for it AT all.

  • Ben

    PC based = Gmotor2

  • David Wright

    Simbin’s new GTR is not Gmotor2.

  • Rhys Gardiner

    It seems to me that a lot of people are missing the point of the beta test. iOpener are not asking us to test the game, they are asking us to test the technology. They have said in the beta forums that the stock engine that they are using is limiting them in what they can implement, so for now they are just focusing on getting the iOpener tech right. Physics and feel are not a priority at the moment.
    So far, I think it’s progressing along well. You have to keep in mind that they are just using the Race 07 base for testing the technology. There is no guarantee that they will use the Race 07 base in their releases – like David said below me, the new GT1 game by SimBin will be using a new engine (whether or not it will be very different physics-wise is a different story).

  • Michael

    Well perhaps but when you read their interview and the guys asks one (of many) obvious questions about how this idea can make any sense at all and how it can come to any semblence of fruition – the laughable reply is “That is a difficult question, we are doing research”

    So you have to ask what the beta was supposed to be for when it’s clear the stunningly obvious reasons this silly gimmick will never work (and certainly won’t meet their claimed “facts”) they have no answer for it, and “want to find out what gamers want”

    “The price…we’re thinking about it. How it will work…we’re thinking about it. The developer? We’re thinking about it…” In other words, they’ve no more idea about how it’ll work than they did when they started.

    Well, let me answer Simbin and iopener – Gamers, in general, want something else. Although I suspect Simbin will have sussed that out by now.

    The 2nd thing he gets very wrong is his claim that what they have over iracing is a racing against real drivers. This is in fact exactly what iracing does have – there are real racing drivers playing the game and you can actually race alongside them. Them and you in the same game. iopener does not have it – there’s no racing at all against the real cars (and even though iracing has it, it’s still only around 50k folk worldwide give a crap and it doesn’t include any racing drivers anyone actually cares about racing against)

    Lastly he says “the fact that you are actually racing Schumacher or Vettel” and this, in fact, a complete fiction – much like their laughable claims on their website that iopener will attract scouts to turn the buffoons that play it into real racing drivers.

  • Michael

    Well, you probably thought there was going to be a PC demo and a game called ‘Superstars V8 Next challenge” from Black bean too if you’d read this site.

    You’d have been wrong.

  • Michael

    “I just don’t think all that is possible”

    Yes but this is Simbin. They can take the impossible and turn it into…..a bunch of BS on their website.

    Inside the box? Race modded with a few new cars and textures. Like their past 10 games.

  • Rhys Gardiner

    Many of the points you make are understandable. I have had my doubts myself, but actually playing the game and being there for the tests I can see it working. They are sussing out the issues in the beta test forums right now, and though solutions might not come quickly, I have faith that they will come.
    You also seem to be treating the iOpener game like it’s a finished product… There will inevitably be bugs and setbacks when testing a new technology. The collision detection, for example… I’m interested to see what they’ll do about that.

    On the other hand, you do have a very good point when you say that gamers want something else. I am a tester for the game, I love what they’re doing, and believe me the technology works – but it’s hard to see this catching on, to be honest. It’s a sad thought for me, but the best I can do is see how things work out.

  • Ben

    The main problem I have with this whole idea is that I want to watch the races live, I am a fan of motorsport, I don’t want to be on the PC racing against some laggy car on a track, I want to be watching the thing on the telly. You can’t do both.

    This is where I see the problem.

  • Dave

    The only thing i can see this being used for assuming that you recreate the tracks to perfection is as a base for ai ,in that you can map exactly how a driver in real life drives a particular car on a particular circuit , how he reacts when other cars are near ,what he does different in the wet ,and have all the car statistics to match eg rev speed tire.
    have to agree with Michael in that i would rather race in a game with others if they are playing the same game not that they are doing it in rl.
    And finally Damage ,i like tech and i like to read about new stuff being developed but for the life of me i cannot comprehend any tech that is going to affect his car when i run into the back of it because i braked too late in the game 🙂

  • Rhys Gardiner

    Yes, definitely. That’s something to think about…

  • Rhys Gardiner

    For the most part, no, it is not SimBin. iOpener are the people actually developing the game – they’ve just taken the RACE engine and used it to test the technology (there we go again with the technolgy being tested, NOT the game). Like people have said many times before, there’s a good chance the game won’t be released on the engine it’s being tested on.