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The Evolution of the Red Bull X2011

The recently-released Gran Turismo 5 DLC introduced a new version of the fictional Red Bull X1. See here what changed on the new model.

The recently-released Gran Turismo 5 DLC content introduced a new version of the fictional Red Bull X1, bringing a reworked 2011 version of the futuristic formula car to the title.

The X2011 isn’t just another fictional race car in a game as it it has been designed by Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing, giving us an outlook at what the future of Formula cars can look like.

While some of the car’s features such as the 1483hp gas turbine engine are likely to remain a futuristic vision, other details such as the covered wheels and the dome protecting the driver are currently being discussed as realistic possibilities, following the tragical death of Indycar driver Dan Wheldon.

Below are lots of comparison images, showing off all the little changes on the X2011 model compared to the old version. The Gran Turismo website has an interesting article with detailed explanations on the new developments as this project moves race car engineering and virtual racing a step closer to each other.

  • Eddie Jansson

    Beautiful piece of art there! Newey is a god…

  • Benjamin G.

    We need a proper track for this car. Maybe we could build one on the moon.

    • Wish Bone


  • Rhys Gardiner

    Leaner and meaner. Loving the new rear wing, too.