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The 4-Day Track Challenge – First Previews

The 4-Day Track Challenge – First Previews

Veteran track creator Alex Sawczuk has a bunch of free days coming up and to keep his hands busy, he’s come up with quite a challenging short-term project – Building a scratch-made track in just four days time.

In order to reach his goal, there are a few limitations as Alex will be using existing trackside objects from Game Stock Car and create a fictional track as creating real-life tracks require too much research work to meet a tight deadline like this.

The development schedule is looking like this:

Day 1: Design Layout, Model all roads, add curbs, add grass terrain
Day 2: Add all walls, arcmo, tyres and trees
Day 3: Add buildings from existing tracks, add grandstands, add marshalls, add safety trucks and ambulances, fill car parks, add balloons, helicopter, add trucks and pitwall stands.
Day 4: Testing, AI, Splitting up objects where required
Day 5: Release the thing!

Despite being on a tight schedule, the created track will be quite challenging as Alex will be including elevation changes as well as blind & banked corners in the 4.2 kilometer layout. For more on the track layout, check out his description of the lap below:

Also the track runs clock wise, with the chicane being the first turn. There is a 5m rise heading at the end of the home straight before the first corner. The chicane is fairly flat with a gradual rise before Turn 3. T3 in the Stock Car requires a slight life, at least until curbs have been added. You have to be on your toes coming out of T3 as you go over a crest and into the heavily banked but tight T4. T5 is more open but still requires a dab of braking before we continue running down the till for the flat T6.

After crossing the first split sector it’s heavy braking for the T7/8/9 complex. This has a tight apex running down hill at the first section before it opens up through the second two corners. A short straight and we arrive at the trickiest corners on the track. T10 starts with a gentle bending to the left, but tightens for a late apex, making it difficult to judge the braking. It also gets progressively more and more banked whilst plummeting down the hill.

T11 then is right straightaway and after an initial apex you are waiting a long time to get to T12 which leads onto a short straight. The tight right at T13 is quite straight forward, but the final corner has a little brow just before the turn in point, making it once again difficult to judge the braking point. The final turn opens up quite a lot allowing for a fast exit after a really tight apex onto the homestraight.

Below are previews of Alex’ Day 1 progress, he’s looking for community assistance to find a name for the new track – Share your ideas in the comments below!

Via Alex Sawzuck’s Portfolio

  • noro

    Very interesting! Track name: “Sawczuk 4D”

  • Jonathon P Selley

    Track looks great as always  my track name would be  quatuor dies (four day in latin)

  • Stuart Cowie

    4 Days Of Hell πŸ™‚

  • lebanon refugee

    Track name ideas:
    Crooked Gun Raceway
    4 Day Spa Raceway
    Ignition Circuit
    Trackbuilder Raceway

  • Dave Hodsoll

    you can do 4 tracks a day…. your Mad Cowie

  • aledmb

    if only iracing could do this…

  • SergeantBoner

    How about ‘Nutsack’s Revenge’ or ‘Bonerdrome’ ?

  • Luke

    What software is he using in that first image?

  • Lennart

    3D Studio Max

  • crosschris

    Four-enough G.P.

    Interesting project!!

  • Alex Sawczuk

    Terrain complete. Walls etc next.

  • gerrymodo


  • noro

    Sirloin Ring – the layout reminds me of a sirloin steak slurrpp!

  • Jux
  • GT3_RSR

    How long would it take to acquire skills similar to yours for someone who is a 3D modeling virgin? LOL. I would finally make the ultimate and definitive scratch made rFactor version of Spa Francorchamps  πŸ˜€

  • ZombieJim

    Call it Dave. Or Brian. “I’m going racing at Dave’s.”

  • Alex Sawczuk

    I didn’t think it was that hard. It’s just another program, all be it a complicated one. Learning the fastest way to do things takes time and patience though.

  • Alex Sawczuk

    Autodromo Floripa is my current musing.

  • James Capper

    Alex it would be nice if you could do a video tutorial on how you created the track.
    The track it’s self looks fabulous and i would like to learn how to build them. the problem is a majority of tutorials are animation and vehicle techniques and very little dedicated to the specifics of track building…and I’me sure i am not the only one that would like to learn how to.