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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – First Videos

Nacon has officially announced the development of the third installment of the Test Drive Unlimited franchise, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, with a first video trailer:

What makes this announcement potentially intriguing for fans of realistic racing games is the fact that the new Test Drive Unlimited title will be developed by Kylotonn who bring their highly-versatile engine that has been powering the FIA World Rally Championship games for many years.

The engine that is able to simulate a vide variety of surfaces such as tarmac, gravel and snow as well as different weather conditions will get plenty of chances to flex its muscles as Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will once again feature a 1:1 replication of a real-world island for the player to freely roam on as confirmed in the developer interview below:

While a release date has not been revealed yet, the copyright disclaimer text on the trailer’s end card reveals some of the high-profile licenses the title will feature, mentioning the holy trifecta of Porsche, Ferrari & Lamborghini as well as Koenigsegg.

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