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Tesla Model S 85 for Assetto Corsa 0.7 – Released

Warlock has released a first version of his Tesla Model S 85+ mod for Assetto Corsa.

Warlock has released a first version of his Tesla Model S 85+ mod for Assetto Corsa.

The scratch-made mod will bring three variants of Tesla’s popular all-electric car to Kunos’ simulation:

Tesla Model S P85+
310kW, 600NM, 16k rpm, ~215km/h, 2108kg, 85kWh

Tesla Model S Stage 1
330kW, 640NM, 18k rpm, ~250km/h, 1982kg, 85kWh

Tesla Motors Model S GT
2x225kW, 860NM, 14k rpm, 2-speed dry tranny, 320+ km/h, 1512kg, 120kWh
The first public release can be downloaded below, as you can hear by checking out the video below the car already comes with the trademark Tesla “sound”.

. . : : INSTALLATION : : . .
– first of all “WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS” in system\cfg\assetto_corsa.ini must be set to 0;
– extract rar somewhere on you PC and copy whole folder “content” directly into your Assetto Corsa instalation folder

[boxdownload]Download Tesla Model S 85+ for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • Pure Citrus

    Glad to see another quality scratch made car for Assetto, though this may be the first car I need to drive while listening to music. D:

  • Ricoo

    It makes me want to play LFS. 🙂

  • Robert Gödicke

    Just saw one of these a couple of weeks ago. Was able to talk to the owner about it and was quite impressed. I think Tesla even got Jaguar’s exterior designer for the car. Plus it looks nice, is quite big and comfortable even if you are quite tall, and has a very good range for a fully electric car of this size and weight.

  • Skytrill

    Obiwan is driving. I imagine a full grid arriving at turn 1 with this much noise and it makes me smile. It must be quite unique.

  • Traumahound

    Bah! So much wind and/or tire noise! I’d never buy one! : )

    Um.. no exterior shots of this beauty..? S’ok.. I’ll see soon enough.. : )

  • Big Tex

    Can we have the one that spontaneously catches fire?

    • Neil

      Does that mean you want the same mod for every other cars too, but at a five time higher rate?

      • Steven Ciofalo

        The reply that was required, bravo.

  • Kabonfaiba

    Wasn’t expecting this so soon, especially the S and not the roadster.
    hmmm dare I say this… needs work on the sounds? lol

  • Birddogg66

    Oh Hell no I gotta have engine noise 🙂

  • Anthony Birch

    Download Tesla Model S 85+ for Assetto Corsa Here……

    just keeps going around in a loop, or is that how its meant to be

    • Neil

      there’s a typo in the link, remove the from the beginning of the web address and it works fine.

      • Anthony Birch

        cheers thanks

  • Glenn Briden

    Yeah FFB is Messed can’t drive at all Looks amazing little bit I was able to go felt good but really how can anybody release something like this fix steering and then I will re-install Pretty disappointing stuff.

  • Amc Mcm

    It’d be nice if Tesla got together with Formula E and organized the first electric touring car series. And Formula E for AC would be pretty nice too…

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Racing without hearing the motor and without shifting is certainly strange and takes some getting used to….but it is also pretty cool IMO.

  • todemanjack

    There’s a utube video of a real Tesla S trying a run at the green hell. It doesn’t do very good. Handling is terrible because of cars huge weight. And battery starts going dead less than half way in. Tech has a long way to go before electric cars become practical sports cars.

    • Blatant Abuse

      I can’t wait till they do. I’m getting tired of being reamed at the pump. Gas should not be as high as it is, it is being used as a societal control, and a way to suck wealth from society. I’m sick of it.

      • Shaddix

        the rare metals or how they are called in batterys are way difficulter to get. So i would still use gas or maybe something different then electro 😉

      • kkacper

        Ethanol and hydrogen are the 2 alternatives that come to my mind, as we’d still get a combustion engine with it (I mean Indycar doesn’t seem to sound much different to a petrol powered car) 😉

        Nonetheless, I love driving this thing around for some bizarre reason. Though, I for one absolutely love the idea of an electric car, not because of the environment but the possibilities it opens up when it comes to racing, where cars can be even quicker thanks to no loss of torque/power at lower revs. Oh and call me weird but I like the weird noise they make in their own right. 🙂 (Don’t take me wrong though, imho nothing beats a good I5 or V10 sound wise 😉 )

      • MatzeLoCal

        I also count on hydrogen but I’m still not sure if hydrogen should be used to fuel “normal” engine or as a source for electric motor.

      • kkacper

        From what I remembered years ago when this was like the big thing of the future featured everywhere, the latter was usually the way they done it. I think they all abandoned it by now though, or it just became a bit quiet. Who knows, maybe pure ethanol is the best alternative for the time being, until we get to the next massive thing that finally catches on, it being hydrogen, electricity or maybe something none of us thought of yet?

      • Almacca

        I find electric cars interesting for much the same reasons. Immediate, mind-blowing torque is top of the list. Just need to solve the battery problem.

        We’re not weird, just ten years ahead of the times.

      • kkacper

        Haha, I like the sound of that, it’s also being opened to new things I guess. Yea, batteries are definitely a technology that requires a lot of development to be put in, but with things like Formula E starting to show up, and more and more electric road cars, maybe we’ll get more research budget being directed towards them 🙂

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Warlock just released an update that fixes the FFB problems…update is available in the official forums

  • Deatroy

    Very strange without engine sound.
    Wont play it again as i dislike e-cars much.
    Anyway good mod.
    I need good V6 till V12 engine sounds.

  • me

    meh 2 tons is not exactly a racing car

  • Gulyás Tamás

    We got lot of mess of mod … but some of them are good / usable …

    Thank you !

  • Christopher Trees

    Wow now we know where gran turisimo gets their sounds from