Tech Tips: How To Race Online With A WiFi Connection have released an interesting new tech guide, touching on the subject of online racing using wireless connections.

While wired connections are still the preferred connection methods for online gaming, more and more people depend on wireless connections for various reasons. Is it possible to have a stable online racing experience using Wifi? Find out by watching the guide below.

  • MC

    “Is it possible to have a stable online racing experience using Wifi?”

    Yes, I’ve done so for years.

    • Richard Hessels

      Ah you are the one that keeps disappearing every 10 seconds. 😉

      • MC

        Well it’s funny how nKPro (for example) blamed peoples connections, then they finally fixed the netcode (in the final version) and amazingly it was fine, even on WiFi.

  • Matt Orr

    How to race online with WiFi : Don’t. It’ll work 98% of the time – like always – but I can guarantee the one one time it doesn’t will be the most inopportune and annoying time possible.

    • HardRock

      Indeed, 99% of times, wireless always works. That is a joke that can be heard often among sysadmins and generally in the IT sector. 🙂

  • HardRock

    Fact is, if you have cable that reaches your PC, one that isn’t a tripping hazard, then a wireless connection only has downsides. My recommendation as a software tester and as a tech support rep is that if you value a stable and secure connection avoid wireless if at all possible.

    I don’t doubt that there are people who seemingly didn’t have stability issues with wireless, even over many years. However, stability issues aren’t always readily apparent. Stability isn’t binary, so an unstable connection may not cause disconnections and may not be noticeable at all during certain activities, it often requires active testing to unveil. Wireless almost always comes with higher latency and more packet loss, not to mention the added security risks Wifi brings.

    Wireless connections are primarily for mobile devices and public spaces where people come and go with their laptops. Using it for a home desktop, for work or gaming, is just asking for trouble. If you haven’t run into any, you are just lucky, but that’s not a good argument for using wireless in place of a wired connection.

  • Mick Mockennen

    Wi-Fi is fine as long as the router is in the same room as you and isn’t a piece of ****. Running ethernet cables all over the place is not an option for most people.

  • house382

    Ran rF1 on a dial up connection for several years. Never had any issues. Known several others who did the same with no issues. The only issues I have ever seen have been on Satellite internet.

  • Yamin Namsan

    The best way to setup wifi is to have a tri-band router “wired” to your modem. Then use a dual-band nic on your pc. An alternative to wifi would be to use a powerline connector.

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