TC 2000 – New Previews

Back in Semptember, I posted a first item of 2PEZ Game’s TC 2000 simulation, successor to their Turismo Carretera title.

The Turismo Competición 2000 is Argentina’s most popular touring car series held since 1980. The 2009 season includes a variety of cars such as the Ford Focus, Chevrolet Astra, Peugeot 307 and Renault Megane. TC 2000 cars are limited to 2000cc and come without advanced technology such as traction control or anti-lock brakes.

2PEZ has posted lots of new information and preview shots on their devblog. Right now, the blog is only available in Spanish but English updates are planned soon. With 777 Studios publishing Turismo Carretera in Northern America, there’s hope that TC 2000 will not be limited to a Spanish-speaking audience either.

The TC 2000 schedule also includes the stunning Circuit Potrero de los Funes that hosted the final round of the 2008 FIA GT Championship.

Via 2PEZ Devblog

  • GeraArg

    Rob the TC2000 Game simulating the season 2009, not 2008. :happy:
    List of cars:
    Chevrolet Vectra (is the European Astra, but I come here with that name :angry: )
    Chevrolet Astra
    Renault Megane II
    Ford Focus
    Toyota Corolla
    Fiat Linea
    VW Bora MK4 😮
    Peugeot 307
    VW Polo 😮
    Some teams still need to confirm, remember that we are here in summer. :sd:
    And do not use TC and ABS, unlike the WTCC for example, there are a lot of freedom in the changes to the suspension and chassis; . :happyevil:

  • Montoya

    Interesting info, thanks 😀

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