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Targa Florio – New Previews

Targa Florio – New Previews

Back in March, I posted the sole item on GP Legends on VirtualR, showing first screenshots of the Targa Florio addon-track in development. To keep up with this story, below are then newest previews of the epic 72 kilometre track.

Until 1974, the Targo Florio hosted a world championship sports car event, the cars raced on the dusty public roads, blasting through the little villages. As safety concerns became an influence in international motorsports, the Targa Florio lost its world championship status and is still run as an Italian rallye today.

  • Thade

    A very good reason to install for the Nth time GPL… :mrgreen:

  • Roadblock

    One word. Legendary! 😯

  • GeraArg

    GPL rlz. 😎

  • 6e66o

    This will be amazing! 😀

  • DucFreak

    one word… beautifull!

    Should be “THE” track release this year! 😀

  • Raikku

    Can you put this in 2004-Demo too? I have normal GPL, but that newer “demo” would be much easier base for GPL-reinstall.

  • Anonymous

    Thade is right, a great reason to dust off the good ol’ GPL.

  • Marc Collins

    Awesome work, but wouldn’t the time be much better spent doing this track for one of the ISI-based titles?

  • Eldiablo

    W GPL Forever