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Take A First Look At Formula Trucks in Automobilista

First footage of the Formula Trucks for Reiza’s Automobilista title has surfaced on Youtube.

A few weeks ago, Reiza Studios announced that the Brazilian Formula Trucks will soon be available as DLC content to their Automobilista title.

Now, the trucks have entered beta stage and as usual, plenty of beta testers are kind enough to share some great footage of the upcoming content on Youtube.

Once it’s ready for release, the Formula Truck Series content will sell for $5.99. Owners of the Formula Truck standalone title will receive the content pack for free.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Yes, the Trucks are great…I had them as the stand alone Sim years ago so I am glad they made it into Automobilista….making Reiza’s Automobilista the most varied content Sim out there at the moment (correct me if I am wrong)…and the most awesome one as well (just my personal opinion)

    • Jos

      Automobilista needs rally

  • Leynad

    Just wanted to drive a few laps yesterday, but to much fun to drive just a few laps:)
    FFB with my Accuforce is just first class (you need torque:), the sound over the top again, just so real. The handling is awesome and the speed-limit-zones a nice addition which are challenging to keep the speed.

    For me it seems, that AMS is the title today, that Project Cars promised to be years ago and didn´t accomplish:)

  • Kev

    I owned Formula Truck and (don’t tell anyone) I didn’t really get into it but also didn’t spend much time with it at all. But AMS version is completely different. I just had to see what all the fuss was about and couldn’t stop driving the darn things. Ridiculous fun to be had with these immersive, monstrous and charismatic machines.

    • legion

      To me it doesn’t feel that much different. I mean sounds are pretty much the same, models 100% the same, cockpits too, physics a bit different. Overall those are the same trucks I drove in Formula Truck game.

      • Kev

        I may have been me that changed, then, which is always possible.

  • Wilsch

    They NEED to get a total overhaul on the external sounds, the current ones are really weak and sound nothing like these beast machines do in real life.