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Take A First Look At Fanatec’s New CSL Line has gotten their hands on Fanatec’s brand new CSL line hardware, letting us take a peek at the brand new products! has gotten their hands on Fanatec’s brand new CSL line of hardware, letting us take a peek at the brand new products!

The Clubsport Light Series (CSL) comes with many of the features of Fanatec’s high-end ClubSport series, concentrating purely on durability and performance for a competitive price.

The CSL line is headlined by the new CSL Elite Wheel Base that is positioned between Fanatec’s CSW V1 & V2 wheel bases. Using a belt-driven brushless servo motor, the wheel base comes with 1080 degrees wheel rotation and built-in LED shifting light band.

The new base is of course fully compatible to Fanatec’s extensive line of steering wheel rims and the universal wheel hub that allows to use any third-party aftermarket rim. Unlike the more pro-oriented CSW base, the CSL Elite base also comes with a built-in table clamp.

Alongside the wheel base, Fanatec has also unveiled the matching CSL Elite Pedals and Load Cell Kit.

Coming with a two-pedal layout, the CSL Elite Pedals can be extended into a three-pedal layout with the addition of the optional Load Cell Kit that will add a state of the art load cell brake pedal to the whole setup.

The initial three products will later be joined by CSL shifters and a handbrake as well.

The CSL Elite Wheel Base will sell for 319,95 Euros while the CSL Elite pedals will retail for 89,95€. Add another 139,95€ for the additional load-cell kit.

All products can now be ordered in the Fanatec webshop with delivery expected to start in October!

  • Richard Hessels


    • RapidRefund

      Don’t do it you will regret it! This is if having broken down equipment bothers you

      • Thomas Jackermeier

        Still having fun to bash us? Whenever there is news about us you crawl from your cave to let everybody know how bad we are.

        But your nickname says it all 😀

  • RossBerg15

    Was deliberating for a long time about upgrading from my CSW V1 but couldn’t justify the V2 euro price for the use it will get (work has a habit of getting in the way of racing). This new wheel base definitely works for me, seems to have most of the best bits of the V2 inside a cheaper enclosure.

  • Justin Yates

    They honestly couldn’t have picked a worse time to unveil this. Fresh off of losing all future PS4 support for their $600 bases that plenty of people bought to use cross-platform, they release a base that also doesn’t support PS4. So they basically had their customers find out their really expensive products wouldn’t work on a gaming platform anymore, then two days later said “good news everyone! Buy our new wheel base!” Which also doesn’t support the platform they just lost. And when it was announced that the fix to the PS4 wouldn’t be a new wheel, but an entirely new base (which means interchangeability between PS4 and other platforms would be a major hassle) the owner told the customers who were rightly complaining about their now $600 paper weights to shut up and go complain to Sony. Great product launch guys!

    • Hash

      It just highlights what a strangle hold sony and Microsoft have on their rubbish systems,seriously what “sim” on console would justify that kind of investment anyway, if you are willing to spend that kind of cash then a basic gaming PC should be nothing, ppl need to stop supporting these wholly anti consumer gaming platforms.

  • Patrik Marek

    for the money this is probably the best that can be bought! great job fanatec !

    • RapidRefund

      Yeah at least for a month until it breaks. Yes I am trolling Fanatec but they create new ways to find things to break. I learned when with some of their designs that things that you never thought you would have an issue with break.

      • Thomas Jackermeier

        If you insert a screw slanted and use enough force you can brake anything.
        Nevertheless will we make this point stronger before production.

      • RapidRefund

        Sounds more like the faulty Chinese Machining of the threads to me.

  • RapidRefund

    No Jason the Chinese are the idiots

  • Francesco Kasta

    I am interested in the main differences between the new CSL and a V2 (which costs more than twice as much).

    I hope some reviewers will pick them up soon to let us know.

  • José Borges

    When i bought the gt3 rs i thought it was a rip off to sell wheels without pedals.
    Back then, i accepted the idea because their products were so much different than thrustmaster or the dfgt i had, and the whole idea of a semi-modular rig.
    Then, they removed the wheel rim, improved the base and the separate wheel rim and charge 3 times as much (if not more) as i paid for the gt3rs.
    Prices… I just don’t get how or why Fanatec was the only company to change prices according to USD to EUR rates with such assymetrical values for the US and EU. 300$ aren’t 320€.
    Charging 480€ for a “classic wheel rim” with no buttons just blows my mind. I don’t know if that’s real leather. If it isn’t, that’s just stealing, if it is real leather, the Bull that died for that must have been covered in gold or had balls of steel!
    They should sell this “wheel base”, not to mention the 750€ one, WITH a wheel. It wouldn’t matter how bad it would be.

    In 1990: “Here is this new joystick base for your flight simulator, without a stick, so you can custom stick it in your base!”

    Fanatec’s products are great, i have no doubts. I jst think they’re taking advantage, which to some point is fair, of some pockets. Plus, their products are not that mcuh reliable for the price. This is paying a lot more for peripherals than it is for a system build!

    Sorry for the long post!

    • Francesco Kasta

      Keeping the prices considerably higher in the EU is a common practice done by pretty much everybody and it has always been like that.

      The usual excuse is that the US prices do not include VAT while the EU prices do. But in most cases the gap is so big that the simple VAT explanation cannot stand.

      Take a look at the Oculus Rift for example: $599 in the US vs €699 in the EU which right now means $780 and that’s before shipping.

      • Thomas Jackermeier

        So please ask yourself why most companies have to do this.

        The VAT is obvious but there are plenty of other costs which are higher in EU like, logistics, localisation, Environment protection laws, warranty laws, labour costs etc. etc.
        All these things do not come for free and at the end of the day the consumer has to pay for it.

        Europe has the highest living standards in the world and this simply costs some money.

      • Francesco Kasta

        I know Thomas, I have read plenty of your posts on this matter. I merely stated the general trend, I am *not* talking about Fanatec in particular. Let’s just say that (the trend) in some cases is justified and in some others it is not.

        Also, I thought the US had the highest living standard in the world, at least a tad higher than the EU, especially when you take in consideration that some Eastern European countries are still lagging behind.

    • Thomas Jackermeier

      You cannot compare the CSL Elite base with your GT3 RS. It is a complete different animal with much better performance. You should rather compare it to a CSW V2 and that means we just reduced the prices dramatically.

      The Classic Wheel rim is of course with real leather but it also comes with the universal hub. Please compare the price of our hub with similar solutions on the market and you will see that we have the best price performance.
      If you want the base with a wheel rim then have a look at our bundles. At Fanatec you have the flexibility to get what you really need and we are not trying to force you to buy components you already have.

      • José Borges

        Fanatec and the whole industry has evolved. I wasn’t trying to compare 7 years old products with yesterday’s gear, that wouldn’t make any sense.
        I get where fanatec positions itself in this niche market and that’s fine, it’s a strategy, it’s what differentiates Fanatec.
        I’m not new to fanatec. Products are great although every single one failed at some point BUT support was great and within a working week i always got my problems solved and i’m glad for that as well.
        Bundles, I can’t “drive” a wheel base without a wheel. I’m looking at 450+/-€ (with shipping) for CSLbase+HUB so that i could spend more in a wheel i could buy in an autoshop to adapt it(this is possible right?), and this within a bundle! For this kind of money one can get pedals, steering wheel, FFB and boot a game in other brands and John says it’s “entry level”.
        Don’t get me wrong, i wish i could spare the money but since i only “need” the wheel, the hub and the servo motor, price is prohibitive!

    • Richard Hessels

      Prices in US are without tax. The amount of tax varies in different states.
      Here in Europa there is about 20% VAT tax.
      So that’s 55 euro tax on a 320 euro product.