Take A First Look at Automobilista’s Oulton Park

Pablo Lopez has released a new video of himself driving at the SimRacing Expo at the Nurburgring, allowing us to take a sneak peak at two new upcoming content items for Reiza Studios’ Automobilista title.

The video of Pablo below shows him driving the Ultima GTR at Oulton Park, both car & track are part of Automobilista’s Brit DLC pack that will be released later today!

Aside from the Ultima and Oulton Park, the pack will also include Brands Hatch & Cadwell Park as well as several Caterhams, the Formula Trainer and the MCR Sports 2000.


  • VirtuaIceMan

    Just needs the pit buildings!

    • jotaf1df

      This is a beta version of the Track. The full official will be released in early October 🙂

      • VirtuaIceMan

        Oh, I know it’s WIP, I just thought that was all I could see missing, really, good stuff!

    • Niels Heusinkveld

      Not only did the people get so scared from Pablo’s driving that they left the building, even the buildings left the track!

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Looks fantastic..,how is Reiza going to give us the DLC on Steam….will it just be in the Store to purchase?

    • jotaf1df

      Yes, will be easy to buy this track, it is in the British Pack that will be released on Steam in early October. A hug dude.

    • William Mazeo

      Considering the price of the Brit Pack I’d really recommend to buy the season pass already, going to be a much better deal

  • DumDum

    No release today? 🙁

  • jotaf1df

    I’ve tested this track / car, it’s wonderful drive it on these British tracks…

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