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T5 Touring Car Series for rFactor 2 – Two New Videos

UnitedRacingDesign has released two new preview videos of their T5 Touring Car Series mod for rFactor 2.

UnitedRacingDesign has released two new preview videos of their T5 Touring Car Series mod for rFactor 2.

The T5 is a fictional series featuring 500hp shilouette touring car racers which, purely by coincidence, share a striking resemblance with the cars from a very popular European touring car series.

The mod will consists of two different car models, the Bayro T5 and the Aura T5, the latter of which is now available to drive in a beta version. The mod is rather unique (and controversial) as it will be released as pay-ware instead of the usual free of charge releases in the modding community.

A first beta version of the Aura T5 can be sampled for free here.

  • Chris Wright

    Definitely not against payware add ons, but I’ve yet to have that wallet opening moment with this one.

    • Nathan Robinson

      Couldnt have said it better myself, chris. A very good post that hits on my exact thoughts.

    • Marcus Caton

      Well said,
      Good to see you not slamming them for “trying” to make money while guarding your wallet.

      On topic: There is room for it but as you said it’ll have to be superb, also the current RF minded crowd will pirate it from day 1.

    • Big Ron

      To your point 2. You will never see any payware representing an actual (real) series, because it presupposes licenses, if you want to earn money. And buying the licenses will increase the demanded money for the mod which you probably will never be willed to pay since you are already weighing on 5€.

      I for myself see payware critical, too. But if it develops further, maybe the overall quality of mods will increase massively when people see that it´s profitable a bit.

      I don´t agree with attitudes of people asking for everything for free, but paying the developer 50€ for an empty game or content not comparable with the mods coming for it, but letting the community make the game worth to play.

      Ever thought about it?

      • Chris Wright

        Just because someone releases a mod does not mean we should all feel obliged to support it with money, imho. The whole point about payware is that it should significantly improve on the base title. If it does then plenty of simmers will buy in.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        True but we dont improve the product directly, we offer new cars.

        For you like you mentioned this is nothing new, for some this is completly new. Racing series are changing over the years and cars do chance over the years to and this is something that is not offered yet and you cant improve overall product overall if it doesnt really allow and than again what is improve from youre point? Getting really hires models? Well it wont run on most of pcs, diferent physics maybe? Well the game allows how much it allows sofar and our physics is still something diferent the game offers, i mean from car what it offers.

        I know you want some classic cars but there are people again wanting something else. We cant do everything right away and who knows what will future bring.

        Dont get me wrong Chris but we had to start somewhere and there is no car or track to make all happy and i respect that not all will support us. Its free choise if you want it or not and free choise to buy from us or wait for other free mods or maybe we will have something in future you will want or somebody will do same as we do and cover other racing series to.

      • Chris Wright

        Agreed that you won’t please everybody, no matter what you do.

      • Big Ron

        I don´t believe it´s that easy since whenever a similar topic appears, people act the same about paying for mods. The mass is still thinking that they already payed ISI for the game is enough.

  • Lúcio Marques

    Not sure you noticed but the transmission-whine SFX is reversed (OFF-throtle and ON-throtle are playing swapped, i.e, ON is OFF and vice-versa).

    …if you’re going to ask money for it, better do it right. 🙂

    BTW, those specific transmission-whine sound samples are pretty well known and belong to a 3rd party (and a commercial one). I’m a bit confused on how did you manage to hold rights so to include that in your payware product?

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Its not swapped actually,checked it, maybe it comes out that way but the effect should be just right we wanted to have them actually but i will recheck it again and again. 🙂

      • Lúcio Marques

        Trust me, it is swapped. 🙂
        I can tell straight away because that is one bug I encountered, then fixed, just before GTR2 gone gold and was released to the market back in 2006 (was working on another project back then for Blimey!Games).

        I’m aware that some other Gmotor2 titles have this ‘issue’, and it could probably be the case with rFactor2 now as well, as it’s still using the MILES sound system for ingame audio playback (AFAIK).

        It’s a very simple fix (fortunately)… 😉

        In the .SFX (or .AUD file) in rFactor2 (open with notepad), you just need to scroll down to the part where the transmission-whine parameters are shown:

        You’ll see something similar to this (note: I’m not sure how exactly it is in rFactor2):

        You just need to revert the functioning by swapping the COAST with the POWER, like the following example:


        I know it looks weird but, at least for your car, it will work and fix that. 🙂

        Best of luck, and keep it up.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Yeah the sfx is basicly the same, didnt change. Thanks alot, ill test that first thing tomorow.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        So i changed it, sounds good now. Thanks again.

  • Jordan Meagher

    Ill pay for this mod once satisfied its worth it.

  • gt3rsr

    Where is Marco T5? Or Merco? Or Mecca? Or…

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Maures T5 😉 Well will do it after i have this one done and on sale. I did some parts only sofar like steering wheel as i was in the mood when i did other two.

  • Guest

    Ahh more of this, and such. And reversed sounds, lol. Awesome work buddy. I just have to say this. No matter what you charge, I and many many others will NOT buy a mod. Also IF I want this “mod” which I don’t, I will get it for free anyway.. So it makes no diff to me, ok you can remove my comment now 😛

    • F1Racer

      Nah BLuNT31870, I’m going to keep it here so people can see what type of person you are and wonder why you have to be like this.
      However, I would recommend you login properly next time (someone can show you how).

    • Tomas Beha

      Anyone will pay for a MOD worth the money…

    • Anonymous

      OMG. U got to get yourself checked…

  • Tomas Beha

    Looks way too grippy, and racing at +80% RPM all the time ? Kinda boring, sorry 🙁

    • Ales Ogrinc

      It doesnt look, it is to 🙂 Well it should offer more people the fun and close racing, not just those whit hours of racing, testing and setuping the car.

      • Tomas Beha

        Because those are the perfect marketgroup ? Doubt it, TBH

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Im sure there arent, never sayed they are, i never sayed im looking for marketgroup but they are needed. There people loving those to, there are people hating them. I dont know any series that is loved by all.
        I want to offer cars we dont have yet and that i think are needed but we will add cars in future by community choise to.

      • Big Ron

        I can understand your decision. The same happens with the Asano X4 is pCARS atm. It feels still wrong, a bit dull and liveless. But a lot of people love this car just for being a blast iin multiplayer races.

        Good luck with your project. Maybe turn the cars to be a bit more challenging. But wether you do it or not, if it´s quality you will find people paying for it. But please, take your time and don´t rush it.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Yeah, thx.
        The physics was upgraded from the beta/demo we released, its bit more chalenging now but the main fun, grip stayed. The handling overall was improved and should be more challenging now.
        The decision came from my personal experience and the way many servers are running now. Most of them are running in first place whit no aids now and many people just dont have time to tweak every bit of setup out but they want to be competitive and have close racing, even bumpy.
        I remember when i was on servers whit no aids and than 1st to 3rd place people were like 2-3 sec faster and same did go from 4th to 6th place and so on so many become desperate and quicker the cars were more gap was there. I never was the quickest, not even in cars i did, completly fine wit that but sometimes i would wish to be more competitive and atleast have a chance to fight for higher places.
        Touring cars were something in rf1 giving alot of fun if i remember the first megane trophy mod, servers were allways full becase those cars gave close racing and alot of fun and rf2 whit new megane mod and clio for example are again something people love just becase of the fun and close racing.

    • Ernie

      These cars ARE very grippy. They look like touring cars, but they are prototypes with huge downforce and grip. Maybe kinda boring while “cruising” around the track, but driving these cars on the limit will make the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get into these sounds. R3E spoiled me. R3E tranny sounds are especially most realisitic.

  • Mario Strada

    Aren’t there 3 cars in this “Fictional” series? The Bayro, the Aura and the Suira?

    I don’t mind paying at all, and I would bet it wouldn’t be too difficult to design a skin with proper emblems, and I also realize that in this fictional series the cars are all the same with a different body shell (a trend that while is understandable makes me long for the bad old days), but if I shell out the money for a fictional series I want it to look the least fictional as possible.

    • Anonymous

      The ‘Maures’ is missing, it will come later as Alex says in a comment earlier.

  • Jordan Meagher

    Stop bitching about having to pay , for fck sake if u dont like this car piss off then and stop QQing over it… for me i like this type of car so if it turns out to be a quality mod ill be buying it for sure im more that happy to reward the ppl that spent the time and effort to make this.

    • F1Racer

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      discriminatory, obscene or vulgar. This includes the systematic use of
      foul language (including censoring such as ‘s**t or f!&k – when you
      type those, we still read what you meant).

      Calm down

      • Jordan Meagher

        lol im calm its just how i normaly talk bud dam you would be blown away if ya workd at the steelmill for a day your ears would be bleeding hahaha

      • F1Racer

        Listen big man, what is acceptable here is quite different to what happens in the outside world.
        As it happens, in my real life, I would fit in that steel mill quite nicely.
        I use every bad word under the sun, all day and every day, and not a day goes by without me using the ‘c’ word multiple times. I just used it now in fact after I read your post.
        So please don’t try to impress me. I seriously doubt you could out-curse me. Coming from the North East of England as I did, its kinda in-bred in ya when you’re growing up.
        But, there are comment rules here and you will stick to them. If I have to then so do you.
        Would you talk like that in a restaurant or in front of your parents for example ? I would hope not. There are times when you can and times when you can’t. This is one of the times where you can’t.

  • Paul Todd

    Maybe it’s just me. I have not seen how much the cost would be? It’s risky buying mods in the sense you don’t know the longevity it will have. Lets say it cost £10 I join a league and they run the mod season after season.

    I will be happy to part with my money, but then it could go the other way. Only a had full of people buy it and no servers are running the mod and I feel robbed of my money because The mod itself did not take off.

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