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T5 Touring Car Series for rFactor 2 – Beta Released

UnitedRacingDesign has released a first beta of their T5 touring car series mod for rFactor 2.

UnitedRacingDesign has released a first beta of their T5 touring car series mod for rFactor 2.

The T5 is a fictional series featuring 500hp shilouette touring car racers which, purely by coincidence, share a striking resemblance with the cars from a very popular European touring car series.

The mod will consists of two different car models, the Bayro T5 and the Aura T5, the latter of which is now available to drive in a beta version. As the name suggests, the car is unfinished, coming without a detailed interior and beta physics but well ready for a first test drive.

You can download the beta below and check out plenty of impressive preview videos, showing both car models in action.

[boxdownload]Download T5 Touring Car Series for rFactor 2 Beta Here[/boxdownload]
  • Humberto Roca

    looks good, will try it now..

  • Andrew Tiltman

    Hmm never been a huge fan of these cars, but content is content and I’m sure being RF2 I will enjoy it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Peter Koch

    I’m not going to pay any money for a fictional mod.

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Nothing wrong there if you dont want it. But interesting that people like you complain over this now and months ago you trown few millions into some game whit fictional content.

      • Peter Koch

        You talk about a game, I was talking about a mod witch every sim has a good version for free.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Why did you buy the game actually, just wondering if it wasnt for what it has inside. Im sure you wouldnt buy it, if there were no cars/tracks inside. I doesnt mather if its a game or mod, its usuall what content is inside.
        Youre on virtual world here actually, nothing here is actually real, fictional or real named it offers what it offers.
        But okey, its youre choise.

      • Matt Orr

        I didn’t buy rF2 for any ISI content. It’ll be gone as soon as possible, because like I’ve said a bajillion times, it doesn’t stack up in many areas. Hell, the game is “beta” and their circuits are already behind, their cars would be too – if people were making cars.

        I – and many others – bought rF2 simply for the moddability.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        I didnt mention ISI here as example whit fictional content actually.

        Moddable? yes the game for sure is but feel free to work on cars for free if you want. I cant do it anymore but i want to offer mods. The time, the work whit scratch work doesnt match anymore. I think ive asked you allready once how much scratch made work did you do in past and how much are you doing right now and got no answer there. So whit moddabily here youre talking about, in any case whit ripped content in mind?

        Few days back you mentioned whit ISI car not beeing the best one as community can do it better. Okey lets here exactly who now? Look around again, there is like none scratch made work anymore like it was in the past. Before mods are finished they are allready scraped and if there are any, they are usually ripped ones now.

        This was talked about once allready and there were all kinda opinions but its really simple. Youre can buy it or leave it. If you think its wrong okey, i think its not if i can offer something good and its not like my prices are not affordable.
        Who knows what licensed content will that bring from me in future to.

      • Matt Orr

        Actually, you didn’t. And if you did, it’s buried in here under a load of comments. But as to work that I’ve done, probably about 250 skins, about 50 different base schemes for other painters and countless textures used in painting. ON top of that I used to host my own website with those files. In the last couple of days, I’ve spent 15 hours or so just working on stuff for other people – on top of working full time, on top of everything else.

        I’ve dabbled in 3D modelling, I’ve dabbled in physics (I had a GT class Viper CC for GTR2 on No Grip that was pretty popular and enjoyed by many) – Yea, I know what I am talking about.

        All free, all because WE ARE A COMMUNITY. My goal is simple – let others enjoy their game more. Simple.

        I’ll also say this. The day I found some ****** selling his stuff that was largely my work was the day I stopped for a year. I am not the only one either.

        You say in the other comment war we are having mods are so much better than official DLC. Yet here you say that they aren’t. You may want the crap mods, but I’ll be waiting patiently for the truly spectacular mods. And I’ll tell you this, those mods are scratch made – or at very worst conversions of top tier content from late in the previous game’s life.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Look thats fine what youre doing. Its youre way and not my way. I did tons of skins to and i did alot of 3d modeling from all kinda stuff for all allmost all moddable games in past 10 years.
        But i cant do it anymore in that way, i couldnt keep the work amount in past years whit free modding and work and this is where i am now.
        If you feel so im sorry about you but there are people that want scratch made mods in some quicker time than a year.

        I know what modding is about and i did alot of it. As you just mentioned gtr2 you know my work like audi r15, supergt cars i did for teambb, working whit aleksss on his projects and there would be more i did.
        But its not doable any more. The skinning didnt change into amount of work that was before. Its actually more easy than it was and i know cause im doing this to. The 1 cars aura and bayro are done completly by me from 3d/2d. one guy is helping me there on sounds and one helped me on tyre physics but thats all for now.
        We cant do mods and it is how it in the rate we did them years back.
        But i sayed its free choise. If you want our mods you can buy them, if not then just dont. Its actually so simple that more simple it just cant be.

      • maanzaadje

        Maybe the game developers need a quality crontroled App-store and a 30% share of the profit.

      • Tomas Beha

        And that’s where the licensing comes in – won’t ever happen…

      • Ales Ogrinc

        and you can call it official DLC and everybody is happy right away, throwing money at you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anonymous

      “I’m not going to pay any money for a fictional mod.”

      You’d rather have a free official one…..which doesn’t even exist and probably never will? Good luck with that.

    • Anonymous

      I’m perfectly happy to pay for mods. It would be brilliant if we could have something going like the Flight Simulator add-on scene. That said, the quality is going to have to be there. A pretty model and a best guess at physics parameters by someone with a marginal understanding of the physics engine probably won’t cut it. I’m not sure the sim-racing community is large enough to make a venture like that profitable.

      Of all the mods released for rF1 over the years, there are maybe a dozen or so I would consider of professional enough quality to be worth paying for.

      • Matt Orr

        Precisely. The rest of this comment isn’t in direct response to you AeroMechanical… But along those lines…

        Flight Sim payware brings an exacting level of detail. They go above and beyond, through the books, by the books to recreate things the original devs never even thought to implement. Payware aircraft – the good ones – are clearly superior and certainly worth the money.

        Now tell me this – honestly – where does this mod – and the many like it and certain to follow from a variety of people – fit in? Are they adding something new or revolutionary? Is it that far above the current standards?

        I mean cmon, like I am supposed to believe they got exacting detail on the tires used on the R15, or the suspension layout on a DTM car. Sure we could say “it’s fictional” but at the same time… is that not just a cop out? We all know what it is, just like we all know what the Asano X4 is at pCARS.

        I’d gladly pay, but if only it is good enough. Fictional cars? Ehh. I could deal. I’ll say this, if they want me to pay, I expect something rivaling Niel’s & Siim’s C6 2012 mod. Least then I know it’s a highly educated guess. lol

  • Marco Conti

    Ah! Yes, the old Byro and Aura rivalry! That’s a walk down memory lane.

    • DingDong

      Isn’t there a third manufacturer involved as well? is fielding a car too if I’m not mistaken! As a motoring purist I wouldn’t download/support this until they’ve included !

  • Anonymous

    HEY Peter dont see where it says you have to pay.. stop stiring the pot does not make you look good.

    • maanzaadje
      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Seriously?! Paying for a mod, that is already too much for me(and a lot of others too), but โ‚ฌ5 for a single car, that is just ridiculous, that is even more than most developpers would offer it for

      • Ales Ogrinc

        The price is just right actually.

        And ive sayed there will allways be % and price drops or adding another car while buying 2. or adding 2 cars buying more and so on.

        As here is the case for example buying Aura and Bayro will get you 3rd car for free so that what than actually โ‚ฌ3.33?
        I dont get a coffe and beer for that money here which are gone like in what 30 min?

        I wonder how much do you earn per hour on what ever work. If our 300+ hours per car are not wort atleast those โ‚ฌ5 than i dont know what youre getting for youre 1 hour work. Damn even ripped content is worth more if we look how many hours of work are there.

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        The modding scene I know(or better said; knew) was a passionate environment with people who loved what they are doing. Who enjoyed spending their free time on creating something for a game. These people never asked for anything in return. The pleasure in giving something to the community, for free, was enough for them.

        And now out of a sudden people try to make money out of it. I couldnt care less about the time you put into the mods, do you think that it was different with FSOne’s F1 2009 mod? or any of thoser mods? Never did any group which is highly classified make any money out of community mods, Why is that suddenly okay and needed now?

        I really couldnt care less about the time, if you think that is a problem, then you shouldnt mod, or find something else in the same genre(for example a job at SMS), but making money out of an passionate community, no, just no.

        Instead, you could choose for donations, that keeps the passion alive, and the people who would like to donate can do so.

        Froups like Reiza or Simbin, look what they are now, and how they started, they all started in creating content for the games for free.

        Just know that what you are doing, and what MMG is planning to do, it is just so disrespectful to the community that has accepted and loved so many mods over the years. If you show the community the middlefinger you can get it back in the same way and I really hope paid mods will never get off the ground.

        For me it is simple, I wont consider buying mods that was otherwise free and had been free, created with love, over the past 20 years.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Dont teach me here about modding, im long enough in the scene to know what, who and so on.
        Ive asked you something diferent there.
        The time when i started modding you probably even charged youre parents that you could clean youre own room and youre complaining and tryint to give me a lesson about modding.
        ah…you have no idea how much free time i have devoted in my last 10 years for modding. Donations? will never work what youre talking here, some sites barely up hosting mods and that whit donations per month of about 300$
        I never wanted money for mods i did and i never did a donation buttons as that never worked for other teams. I got one donation few years back, a guy over nogrip contacted me and send me few pms before i sayed okey ill accept the donations. He gave me about 20 euros back than i think. What i did? I buyed later on zmodeler whit that money and still using it.
        just LOL kid, really check some facts before you go on something you clearly have no idea about.

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        I am not trying to teach you any damn thing. I am voicing my opinion on the matter. Also you are kinda contradicting yourself; ‘I never wanted money for mods i did’ and here you are asking money for it. And donations would never work? And yet, without the possibility someone still donated you 20 dollars. You dont even try for donations, even you might not earn much.

        I got the feeling ‘something personal’ is going on, instead of really wanting it to sell. As you pretty much refused donations, and didnt want to sell them in the first place. To me modding is a passion, a hobby that people do for free, give something to the community. And they do so because of the passion they have, the passion you have because you too did mods for free. So why change it out of a sudden? You of all should know that most of the community wouldnt like it when mods are being sold, instead of released for free, MMG took fire from it, a few years ago SRW took huge fire with rFC which they are still feeling today, and towards you it wouldnt be any different.

        I am not trying to offend you in any way, I am just voicing my opinion(although in a bad way, as I always do)
        I just find it disappointing that with the way it currently goes we watch communities change, where people have to make money of of it, to either live off of it, or to just cash as a modding company. We all will suffer from it, as creator or as the person who plays the mod. If I look at how it was when I ‘found’ this world, and how it is now, I must say we all went downhill, and pretty fast as well.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Look it is how it is, like someone posted here allready. You have a chance not to buy it.

  • Anonymous

    I bet the person who charges for this mod still expects to use other peoples mods for free.

    If a series like Enduracers or the Historix mod was payware, fair enough but fictional cars, leave it out.
    Hope this payware scheme dies a miserable slow death. Its not what the community is about.
    This payware thing will fracture the rFactor community rather than consolidate it and if it does we know who to point the finger at for starting it..

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Well you just lost youre bet than.

    • Matt Orr

      It’s the evolution of the hobby. Guys at iRacing charging for paints (Saw a guy charging $45 for one… Wowza.), Hudson Kerr back in the day with rF1. Youtube videos becoming not just fun, but for many their job.

      It’s been brewing a loooooong time and it’s nothing new.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Not really evolution of hobby, it happens all the time that somebody made a job from there hobby. The only new here is that this is new whit mods in car sim racing but its working for years in many other games.

        Actually its not even new to car racing games. DLCs are around for longer period to and diferents in DLC to MOD is like none. Just one is made by game dev itself but it could be from modders to.

      • Matt Orr

        Actually, it is. As people realize they have the skill to do their hobby at the level the “professionals who get paid” they begin to want to make money off said hobby.

        Mods =/= DLC.

        DLC = 1st party add ons or extensions. More likely than not, more of what you paid for and nothing really new.

        Mods = unofficial 3rd party add ons that usually push in one direction or another – you know, mod the game.

        That alone is a world of difference.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        1st party or 3rd party like you sayed, it doesnt mather who does it. It can offer same stuff. Sometimes even 3rd party can do it better, but worse to. Look around, it works everywhere in the world, not just gaming.

      • Matt Orr

        Actually, 1st party / 3rd party is a huge difference. They carry different levels of support, expectations and ingame integration.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        I dont think so, ive seen how some work and ive seen that modders can take it up better to. It was proved on many games allready.

      • Matt Orr

        So? That still means nothing. Hell, I’d take the old SCC mod for F1C before I take F1C itself, why? Because it’s what I want. Sports Cars > F1 IMO. Compare that to something like an add on official DLC. Instead of having to fire up a separate launcher, it’s going to be there right in game, blending in with anything else.

        Look at other games. Same thing. Official DLC is always better integrated into the main package. You also don’t need to worry about it breaking things like you can with many mods – mods don’t tend to play nicely with each other.

        The quality has nothing to do with it being a mod or DLC.

        And many modders continue on to go commercial. Simbin / SMS, Desert Combat Mod Team, Tripwire Interactive, The CS / DoD guys and many more… Not to mention countless individuals.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        I dont know people are doing overall or other modders and that mods interfer but that is not my fault. I dont see why actually dev should offer more than we do? I didnt hear one good reason actually. gtr2, rf, rf2 all those games can work great whit mods and we have seen awesome quality from many modders, even better than the game dev did actually and there wasnt a single problem. In many casses modders even supported it far better to the community. And its exactly what it means. Right now for example ISI guys allways use some newer tools but a time will come when they will release the final and we will have same as they do and it doesnt change any quality actually. And all those games ive sayed are actually build as mods only, especialy rf series. It doesnt make a diferente who makes it at the end.

      • Richard Hessels

        Making a good skin can cost you several hours or even much more.
        Depending on the artwork and the car.
        Than $ 45,- is nothing.. The guy would be better off working at Mc Donalds if he was in to it for the money.

      • Big Ron

        LOL $45 for one skin is just totally irrational. Related to more than one person probably buying the skin, he would earn more money than he invested time by far. And Iยดve not seen any skin that is worth the money of a complete game, beside the fact that a ton of highly talented painters offer their liveries for free.

      • Richard Hessels

        Well.. how long does it take you take make a proper skin?
        One that would be so good people would offer money for it?

      • Professional Operator

        45 $ for a skin is just plain stupid, no matter how good it looks.

        Even more stupid are these people paying that price.

        Yes, there are bizarre people around the world.

      • Matt Orr

        Dude, I’ve spent 15 hours in the last 3 days making skins for people – I’ll literally never drive these cars. I think I know about the time commitment. I’ve had people WANTING to pay me, but that changes nothing, it’s the wrong reason to do things. I paint strictly free, and if people WANT to donate, they can. And on that topic…

        I’ll say this, I’ve cut my pay towards iRacing by half – and when I’m on it even gone without payout out of pocket for months – because of painting – and I don’t charge people. Do I like that? Yes. Is it why I paint? Hell no, and never will be. At the end of the day, it’s a rather simple and easy to make texture for a video game.

        Donations are always appreciated. Saying “no $$$ no product” is just a good way to show up as an a-hole. Hell, I’ve seen people finish a car, post it up then say “All yours, $10.” WTF?

        We’re all in this together.

    • Mrslfrsl

      I don’t belive that scratch made content is going to divide a community ever!

      It’s rather people like you with crap commets as “die slow misarable death” which are going to split anything.

      I wonder if any of you people ever donated a penny to a free mod!

      • Anonymous

        It was said about “payware” and not aimed at any individual so shurrup.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Dividing? Ripped and conversion with no permission divided comunity years ago allready. You need to check some facts and giving us the fault for community going diferent ways. We just added another way but its free to follow us or not.

      • Mrslfrsl

        sorry for not quoting the whole sentence.

        “Its already dividing the community. Read the posts. :-)”

        that’s what i said mate. ๐Ÿ™‚

        i don’t know where the probleme is. if you don’t like it or don’t want to buy it just move on.

        i myself don’t need 100 mods, i just need 10 to enjoy a game over a long time. if they are well made i will pay for them.

        the modding teams can’t barely buy the sims with the money they get from the donations, don’t even wonna talk about the equipment!
        if they get some money for it and deliver well made stuff, where is the problem?
        there is no problem, just some guys which want everything for free.

        other than that there is no argument to moan about that.
        if there is a problem, the future will highlight it and we will move on as till now again.

        just my penny to that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Niels Pedersen

        Well congratulations, sir, for trying to manipulate the truth of his
        words. It’s misquoting like the above that leads to the destruction of discussions and diversion in the community.

        I have to agree with
        disqus(….), as he points out that payware from 3rd party needs to be
        forgotten. As for this mod, I find it ridiculous that a modding team
        even has the nerve to charge money for an unlicensed spin-off mod on an
        official title. I’m not even sure that it’s legal to charge money for an
        unofficial addon, as ISI owns the rights regarding the rFactor brand.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        I find it ridiculous that you have a nerve to acusse us of something you clearly didnt check before.

        Some of you here should really check some facts before you start going to talk about legal issues here.

  • Matt Orr

    I hated it when people over at iRacing started charging for paints, this is just as bad.

    Actually, now that I think of it. Hudson Kerr.

    Good luck, but you wont get my money.

  • Andrea Candini

    Paying an average sum for a couple of cars? Why not, if they have better quality than other works. Should this succeed, we might also end up in less fragmentation: more people with less (but better) content.
    I don’t think this will ever happen as this community (I refer to the sim-racers in general, not VirtualR’s readers) gets blood to its brain as soon as money in mentioned, but you never know.

  • Andre

    besides the big discussion about whether to pay for a mod or not – i dont really like the car as it is now, even if it is just a demo, the steering does not feel natural at al, the car is glued to the track and you dont notice it has 500 HP

    • Ales Ogrinc

      FFB was something mentioned for our mod in ISI forums to turn it bit down and it works far better. The default settings are bit strong right now.
      They have alot of grip yes and probably wont change alot there. This cars should allow contacts in races to and offer fun not overall fighting whit youre own car to keep it on track.

    • Anonymous

      Mind this “fantasy” car is very simulair to the Deutsche Tourwagen Meisterschaft (DTM). These cars look like GT’s but infact they are more like F1 cars. The body is very simulair to F1 developed like F1. Look at the very F1 style small big wings and chimneys. It’s not a average big GT with 500 hp. Very stiff supsended high downforce “glued” to the track cars. Well..if you want to compare. Watch this helmet view from the “Bayro”.

  • Anonymous

    buy it or dont… IMHO word of mouth wil be the key to buying or dwn loading mods.

  • Eduardo

    I didnt find the Bayro, I can only play with Aura thats right? can someone confirm that for me, thx.

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Bayro isnt inside, i packed those sounds from beta tests to it. Only Aura

  • Martin Palm

    Great fun to drive at Malaysia vs the GT-R’s! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Martin Rasmussen

    Paying for a mod? Nope.

  • Jim. C

    When is Merced…..ahem, the “other German manufacturer” joining the T5 Series?

    • Ales Ogrinc

      3rd car will be added for free for those who will buy both T5 cars beeing developed now and it will came out few weeks after these two are released.

      • Jim. C

        Ok, cool. Got any work-in-progress pics?

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Nothing there yet, im fully concentrated on this 2 now. Will post only rendersand ingame screens when its ready and this should happen just before release.

  • David

    What about this one ? Looks like fun.

  • Guest

    Dont know why, but my comment had been deleted. well, whatever.

  • Polishboy808

    First I’ll start off by saying that this beta is great. The car is amazing, and the racing with the AI is fantastic. The model is fantastic, although it is lacking a bit on the inside (maybe thats cause its a beta). The sounds are awesome, and the car handles pretty much like I would think these cars would handle like.

    All that being said, I don’t see why it needs to be 5 euros a car. I honestly would have no problem paying up $1 per mod, and for bigger mods up to $10, but thats for the whole season, with a trackpack and every car for that season (ie Game Stockcar). And thats also only if it were licensed, because as great looking as the Aura and Byro are, I don’t like playing with fake cars, let alone pay for them.

    So while the idea is great, 5 euros is pretty steep, particularly as its for one car.

    Also, since you guys are doing fake Audis and fake BMWs, why not a fake Mercedes to complete the grid? I know its a little more work, but then at least you’d have a more accurate mod. And maybe then I’d think about spending 5 Euros. For all three of them.

    Also, since it seems like your on here Ales, do you guys make custom mods? As in, I can put in an order for a Toyota TS030 and for some bigger money you guys can do it? That would be great, and I’m sure you would have plenty of customers for that. Thanks.

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Hi, thank you and im glad you had fun whit it. Its just what it was done for.

      For the price ive decides so for now but i sayed i will never go higher per car.
      I did post here once to that whit more cars you buy, more % you will get or a free car added like for example you will buy aura and bayro in pack, you will get 3rd car for free, that actually drops the price to 3.33 than per car and more cars you buy, more its gonne be added for free.

      For other stuff that is coming, we will shortly do more news and progress and there should be some endurance prototype cars. I did those cars in the past and will do them in the future.

  • Philip Antonia

    Looks like I’ll have to reluctantly fire up rF2 again to see how good these cars are! They look too good not to give them go!!

  • BLuNT318

    wow what idiots are trying to do. get a job! Make a game, Paying for a crap mod? Too funny man. I have read all you wrote and the way you try to defend your position, I laughed at all of it, you are a tool.. No one in their right mind will pay for unliscensed crap, sorry but that is what this is. It’s nothing I can’t do in 10 minutes. Again who cares the amount of time you put into this? Only you dude, only you.. I would never give you a dime, lol idiot

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Im counting youre 10 mins from now and waiting. On my time its exactly 19:49 now so you have 11 min to go…ill give you that 1 min more so you dont get looking like idiot if youre bit to late.

  • BLuNT318

    lol I had to say it again, this is the funniest thing I have seen in the “mod” community in more than 10 years. People like this are foolish. Children behave this way, gimme gimme gimme, lol. Oh yeah btw, the car drives terribly, how much will it cost to fix this? lol/.. Anyone that gives you 5 cents is brain dead lol

  • BLuNT318

    Who is this guy Ales Ogrinc? Give it up man, you look bad, your “mod” is bad. Please stop trying to get people to buy this crap. Learn how to do mods correctly 1st before you even think of trying to chargr $, lol. I and everyone else don’t care that it takes however long to make a car you ripped off from scratch as you claim it be, more lies. I already uninstalled this terrible mod. Like I said learn to make one 1st. This is terrible. One of the worst “mods” I have seen come out since the days of old. Paying for this, LOLOLOL

  • BLuNT31870

    One last comment, maybe this one won’t get deleted. I cannot wait for BMW and whatever car model you’re ripping off to sue you so bad, it makes you disappear from modding for good. I am going to send them all these “thoughts” that you think it’s ok to change a car a little here and a little there, lol really? And you’re asking money for people to buy this. Oh man you’re gonna burn over this one. I just sent BMW your mod link and this forum and race dept’s forum where you try to defend your thought in that it’s ok to ask for money for something that you ripped off, I cannot wait, you are an idiot

    • Tiago Guerreiro

      You are so ignorant duuude……. Why BMW?? Man your so FCK idiot!!!

      • F1Racer

        You too ?

      • Tiago Guerreiro

        And maybe you to??!!

      • F1Racer

        Me what ?? What rule have I broken ??

      • Anonymous

        D**n is a swear word old fruit. , that’s what rule you have broken. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • F1Racer

        It’s hardly foul language old bean. It’s not even PG-13 in the rankings.
        You can damn or crap or bloody if you want.:)

      • Anonymous

        I did say “of sorts”. I think its been a bit downgraded these days a bit like fu…… oops

      • F1Racer

        Right, banned for life ๐Ÿ™‚

        Well people may have become desensitised to it but it’s not nice to have to read. When I come to a thread with comments on it, I do not want to be reading f this and f that. I think it’s a far better place without all that, wouldn’t you say ?

  • BLuNT31870

    I’m not going to pay any money for a fictional mod. lol is that better admin? ROFL

    • F1Racer

      You’re trolling, your flaming and you’re bombarding the thread with comment after comment of the same hate.

      Now you’ll have to take it somewhere else.


    For those of you who don’t agree with it being ‘payware’ (a horrible word btw), guess what? You have the choice not to buy it.

  • Derek Speare

    I have no issue with 5 Euros per car and 10 Euros per track so long as the content is very good. Fantasy content, artistic expression inspired by real life is perfectly fine for me. Pagani or Fragoni…Norschleife or Flug Plaz…so what.

    In life, you have to pay. Such is as it is. This is a logical evolution of racing sims today. And I think good work should receive fair compensation. It’s a very tangible form of appreciation.

  • SandboxDenmark

    Being a 3D enthuiast myself. Knowing the time spent on making mods, the money that the right programs cost. I fully support this way of modding. Some individulas need to get off their skinflint ass and contribute!

  • Anonymous

    I’m feeling a lot of negative vibes here…

    This discussion is old and it is always the same opinions that you see.
    “It will divide the community!”
    “It’s the end of free mods!”
    “How dare you take our money!”

    Personally the first two reminds me of the end-of-the-world-hobos, first it will not divide the community because what division is there to make?
    Ones who support it and the ones who don’t? Well we already got that division don’t we?
    Also they will always be free mods, this is not the end of anything.

    The third one is more absurd, no-one is taking anyones money because you can choose to buy it or not.

    We’ve seen this thing already with the flightsim community and I have gladly spent atleast $100 on those airplanes and airports because I thought they were worth it.

    All it comes down to is this:

    1) You think it is worth the price and buys it.
    2) You think otherwise and don’t buy it.

    I applaud Ales and MAK’s effort to go through with this project. If it means that I can find something I like with good quality at a good price I will support it!

    • SandboxDenmark

      Well said

    • F1Racer

      Yeah I’m with ya. I see no harm in paying a small fee for peoples time and efforts. I don’t buy into this ‘harming the community’ belief. As you say, it’s a choice. The community will be just fine. It’s not like it isn’t fractured all over the place already. In fact, I think having mods that are payware will incite the modders to create quality content. They’ll have to if they want to generate sales to get a return on their time and effort. Low quality of excessively price stuff won’t get bought or get bad reviews.
      Free is fine, pay is fine. As long as the price is fair. A few dollars/pounds etc. for a mod is fine with long as it’s not any old crap knocked together for a quick buck. But most of us are smart enough to sort the good from the bad.
      Lastly, if someone decides to go the payware route I see no reason why they should be lambasted or insulted by others just because they disagree.
      As said above, no-one is forcing anyone to buy anything.

  • Juha Mikkola

    I was writing a long post but in this video the mustache man says it out loud about paying for mods (and other things too)

    Once there is money involved in mods representing something similar in real life there will be two things:

    – manufacturers will smell the blood and you might end up in court defending if your model is different enough not to breach copyrights

    – the passion and love for car, track etc is the fuel that makes mods great, this usually does get thrown out of the window when money gets involved

    So please do not pay for mods, lets not get this started.

    Donation button is the way to go. That way mods will be done for all other reasons than money.

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Its not up do discusion if i will or if i wont do it. Dont copy me here some videos that were done for fun.

      Blood? Take a look, it happened whit free mods and it will happen in future but that will not be our fault!

      Passion? Give me a break, ive sayed once allready feel free to do what youre doing, Its free choise for all, you can do it free, you can buy it from me and you can use what ever you want or dont want.

      Manufactures smelling blod, if you are here few times on the site and visiting some other forums and before you post something like that get some facts straight. Manufactures are involved in modding for years allready.
      If i will go to court its my problem, not yours. Who is actually bringing all the time unwanted attention to modding? The ripped content, and modding is full of it. And you have no idea how much money is allready involved in modding. How many mods are actually out there never released in public. What the point of that than?
      You dont need to buy anything from us but i do want to offer community more for far less than many people actually earn whit mods allready but exclusive for teams, manufactures, privat projects.
      Ive sayed im not here for the money only, in first place im doing it for community and its exactly how it is. Ive put 3 months of full time job into this for nothing yet. I did it whit same passion as i would do it for free. But if at the end when i start selling those can produce more cars in same time and more people joining me and we can make it as full time job it cant be better and its most of hobby guys a wish. Just becase some think modding should be free it doesnt need to be for all.
      How many times this community allready waited for mods that never happened, showing them candy trough windows and never let them to eat them? Well thx, but i dont want to end like that becase my other job, family or what ever has taken me to much to finish something or i would have to drop it completly. Look mods are beeing build for years, well thx that i can play a car in 10 years than at the rate and amount of work needed. I want to drive it now, why are those few bucks so bad. Really? But again if you dont want it, feel free not to buy it.

      “Donation button is the way to go. That way mods will be done for all other reasons than money.” Feel free to do it, we wont. It will never work. And the reason im doing all this is same as it was whit free modding and you should read some of my posts and news here to ive posted. The only way im going to payware is actually that i can offer far more than only doing it in free time. If we can do this as a full time job we can offer quality in that in good time, not taking a car to be finished in a year but in a month or two and you buy when you get it, not before and that way we get atleast projects finished and not scrapped before release.

      • Anonymous

        “Ive sayed im not here for the money only, in first place im doing it for community”

        Ohhh pleeeaaassse! ROFL

      • Ales Ogrinc

        yeah right

      • Juha Mikkola

        First of all it doesn’t matter to me if you do it or not, I was just saying to everyone else not to get into this.

        Secondly you understood pretty much everything I said wrong.

        Manufacturers WILL smell the blood because for now the mods have been for fun or if someone wanted money THEY MADE THEIR OWN GAME (game stock car etc) licensed everything and the manufacturers got their share or say in the process.
        What you are doing is riding with their reputation and just naming the cars differently, trust me, they will be after you. This is a business not an opportunity for people like you…

        But hey it’s a free world (well most of it anyway) so do as you please, I just wanted everyone who are thinking about buyin a mod that they would think again..

        If this would catch on (which i’m pretty sure it wont) it will mean an end to all modding at the end.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Youre understanding all the idea wrong to and some people start going against it and some just follow it.
        Like i mentioned few times, go and check modding, its diferent allready and not in good way as it is for last few years.

      • F1Racer

        “If this would catch on (which i’m pretty sure it wont) it will mean an end to all modding at the end.”

        That almost sounds like something the Mayans would have said ๐Ÿ™‚
        Modding right now isn’t exactly flourishing. Maybe an incentive of payware is what’s needed to kickstart it. Who knows.
        I’m interested to see how it all develops. If the end result is a steady stream of quality mods, I have no problem at all paying for that as long as the prices are fair.

    • Anonymous

      Especially if the car is nearly exactly the same as it “coincidentially” similar counterpart. I’ve spent good 20-30 minutes comparing the different renders and screenshots on his webpage of the so called “Bayro” with the pictures of the real thing, my conclusions: if BMW will find it they will become interested in selling of unlicenced content. As far as I can see it’s EXACTLY the same to its real world counterpart, taking off the badges doesn’t solve licencing as far as I know. If you don’t want to believe me then here is a render found on his website:!untitled/zoom/c222r/i61l7q
      and here are 2 shots of the BMW, I couldn’t find a better one of the rear but it does the job anyway:×427.jpg

      Anyway, if BMW or Audi gets you, good luck m8 ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Really dont bother whit problems i have to deal with. Dont compare me stuff and telling me what looks similar and so on. Yeah they all have wheels, engine and 4 tires…
        Do you guys actually read something what youre saying?
        Many of you were first one in the line buying some games this fictional content and nobody judged them for that and we had tracks/cars inside, Nobody saying a single word about that and some ever asked for more such content and youre juding us now here? Just lol to you guys

      • Anonymous

        Common man. Don’t take us for fools. This is clearly a DTM mod no doubt about that. And you are going to have big problems releasing this for money if u don’t have the manufacters behind u. Rockstar had to go pretty far to not get any problems from carcompanies in the GTA series. Do u really think u will stay under the radar? BTW great mod for a beta version. Love driving it.

      • F1Racer

        No-one complained about the Asano in pCars. Until Lotus climbed on board their Lotus ‘looking’ cars were fictitiously named. All the tracks too for that matter. Now why would you rename a track ? And they seem to get away with it. So why can’t a modder ?

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Its a T5 series, thats what we offer. You can see it diferently but okey. Im not having anybody here for fools but it should not be otherwise eather. And before somebody makes comparisions on our stuff should actually clearly look around on games and start there first.

      • Juha Mikkola

        Sorry if you are pissed when people point you some things you haven’t covered.
        Yes it is totally our own problem if bmw or audi decide to take action. If you dont bother with that then you’re really out of your league in this business.

        Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

      • F1Racer

        They won’t take action though, at least not immediately.
        If anything even was to happen it would be a warning to remove the content. Only after that, if he didn’t comply, would any threat of a lawsuit follow.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        How do you know what i cover or what not? I dont need to tell you my busines plans or what ever is happening behing the doors.I cover what i have to, its not youre worry how i will cover it or how not. Im not putting noses in any others bussines and nobody should do same with me.
        I didnt ask anybody to point me something out as i know what i have to deal with and with what not. Its exactly like it is.
        But nobody will point whit finger on us and judge us for what we do if they are supporting the same stuff on other games. You cant support same stuff on one side and point whit finger on another one and its something some here are doing just becase we are coming from modding.

  • Markus Ott

    Wait what?!
    Did I miss something here? I thought it is illegal to charge money for unlicensed stuff? That’s the whole point why modding works and manufacturers can hardly interfer?
    Other than that: I also hope the idea won’t work and mods remain free. Hard times for all the rF2 lovers whose biggest argument was that this game is so great because you can play tons of mods for free.

    • Ales Ogrinc

      OMG, before you post something again just some of my post… I dont want to repeat my self allways…
      But you can take it or leave it, simple.

    • F1Racer

      It would be illegal if you used real manufacturer, sponsor and advertisers names. But if it is a fictional based mod that only bore resemblence to the real thing, I think its at best a grey area.

      So as long as it’s kept fictional, it’s just like paying someone for any other type of artwork.
      Is it illegal to paint a picture of Senna in his McLaren and sell it ? If not, why should digital art be different ?

      This is a whole can of worms, but as long as the letter of the copyrights laws are stuck to then it`ll be fine.
      It’s not as if all mods will be payware either because clearly there will be many who will not wish to go that route. They ones that are payware are not forcing you to spend a single penny.

      • Anonymous

        F1 racer. These are big companies. If Apple can get a patent on 1 single button. Then a complete cardesign is offcourse protected by laws. There are several Chinese carcompanies that cant sell cars outside China because of the resemblence with their european and american counterparts. These are not 1 on 1 copies but most of them got a feel or hint from a their counterparts. It isn’t even the company who is the owner of a design. Most of the time it’s the studio who deliverd it. Its intelectual property. And using it for making money will get you in trouble. If your living in China no problem but I gues most modders don’t. Don’t get me wrong. I will pay if its good and i think this mod has potential but it would be a shame if the modders cant make this anymore because they have to have 3 jobs too pay off the bills from the big companies.

      • F1Racer

        You surely are not going to compare Apple’s patent with some small modding in a small sim community.
        There are ways around modelling the car. I believe if you change a few bits here and there and stick to fictitious naming conventions it should be ok.

        Regardless of if I’m right or wrong, the modders who want to try the payware route have the right to give it a go and see how it pans out. You don’t get anywhere if you don’t try. I think one thing in their way would be an angry or aggrieved sim-racer who might take it upon himself to alert a car company that a payware mod was out featuring cars similar to theirs.

      • Anonymous

        I compare Apple’s patent with that of a carcompany and their designs. But we will see. I wont alert the companies thats for sure.

  • Ales Ogrinc

    Happy new year guys, wish you all the best in 2013 and youre familys!

    I hope nobody was offended by us, its the way we are going and im hoping we can offer you alot of fun in 2013!


    • David Wright

      I’m afraid the world has a strange attitude to paying for hardware vs paying for software. They will happily pay hundreds of dollars for their smartphone but expect apps for free. They will happily pay hundreds of dollars for their processor or GPU or steering wheel, buy gigs of RAM no program will use, but pay for software that makes all this hardware we’ve bought of some use? No. Its sad but I can’t see it changing. But I wish you well.

  • mac22

    I just downloaded this and installed the bayro and aura files in the mod manager(2 of them although one said sound)….

    But cant see either of the cars in the cas selection screen within the game!

    How do I select them?

    • Ales Ogrinc

      They work with “all tracks and cars”. One file is the car and one file are the sounds. If you still experience that you dont get to see the mod its best to check on ISI rf2 forum and our thread there.

  • Wesley Rosella
  • Chris Wright

    How can anyone expect to make money with rFactor2 add ons if the ridiculous install that we’ve just been through with the Lola is the only way. Any dev would go broke just providing tech support ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ales Ogrinc

      Not really, you dont need to have what Lola mod has to install car mods.

      • Chris Wright

        Well that’s a relief

  • Chris Wright

    Totally baffled by the anti-payware brigade. Excuse me, but don’t we pay for mods already? Simbin and Reiza, for example, are essentially selling titles that are, at heart, mods of the gMotor engine, are they not? As the sophistication of new software develops, so does the workload of the modder. Could I therefore put forward the alternative theory that if we don’t soon start paying for new generation mods there may be no enhancements of this kind any more? I don’t include simple repaints in this, by the way.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, but what Reiza did is a bit different to what’s here. They have set everything up, licensed a series (not ripped off a real one to a tiniest detail like we see here, even if they have very similar cars in the formula department, though they weren’t the main selling point like here) got real telemetry, real drivers to test and compare, we’re talking modders which we call the best for years. I personally haven’t seen/heard/known about Ales until this came up and sorry but ripping off a series just because he doesn’t have an idea of his own or change the car’s shape in some ways is not good. Also anyone wondering what Audi this is based on it’s very specific, 2012 Audi A5 of Edoardo Mortara, Just google it and you’ll find blueprints really quickly. You’ll find no difference in Mortara’s car compared to any of his “Auras”.

      • Chris Wright

        I really wasn’t directly referring to this mod at all.

      • Ales Ogrinc

        Stop complaining so much kid. Nobody is forcing you to support us what ever but dont rant on us. Im going to ask you one more time, did you buy pCars? Did you go and compare all there stuff for example? Get a life kid. comparing comparing comparing…
        And check around bit more and you will find out that there is alot of content i allready did in the past.
        You have a chance to simply look away if you dont like it.

    • F1Racer

      This is pretty much how I see it too ! And as for a Group C mod… yes, that is a big gap in the sim racing community. Love to see that as a mod for rF2 etc.

    • Robert van der Heide

      actually that is why i bought Rfactor 2 instead of joining iracing
      i dont need to be sucked dry of my money ,by the hobby
      and for hobby mod makers ,its an honour if racers like and use the mods
      this predator way of earning money,ruins online racing,,and moves the focus of what a racing sim is for (racing)
      also that buisness model of iracing i hate ,,project cars has a different approach
      wich is more voluntary,,and gamers also can buy the finished product of the shelf without being sucked into the world of buisness
      a big reason people hate this,,is that the virtual world is a way to escape the daily corp driven world
      so when that reappears in the racing,adventuring,or what have you.
      they feel their last resort is being infected by the greedbug
      earning money on an open platform is not done,its changing the game
      and not by the rfactor development team.
      let them create their own game ,and sell their crap there

  • Kloster

    On which Track i can drive the T5? On every Track I tested i became a ctd.

  • Anthony Birch

    as much as i hate paying for games, i’m keen to try this for RF2 so will be spending the low price of 6.50 euro’s tomorrow (only $9.86 Australian)