Symmons Plains for rFactor 2 – HDR Previews

Shaun Stroud has released new previews of his Symmons Plains track for rFactor 2, showing us some more HDR previews of the pit lane as it comes together.

To see more of Shaun’s work, make sure to check out his website.

Symmons Plains is located on the Island of Tasmania, the 1.5 mile road course is best known for hosting a round of Australia’s highly popular V8 Supercar series.

  • WHAT21A

    Tosch is doing the HDR profiles and AIW for the track as this is my weakest point. this lets me concentrate on finishing the modelling and getting the track out ASAP.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t hurry.. Just release it when you are perfectly happy with the result.

      • zerez86

        You are never perfectly happy with your work :). So it would be better to say release it when you are 95% happy with it.

      • WHAT21A

        Yep I couldn’t agree more, I’m going to initially release as a 0.9 beta because of the high probability of bugs as this is my first release on a new platform. Also i’ve just put up a new post on my website after replacing the last of the rFactor1 assets earlier today.

  • Paul Thompson

    This looks lovely, I can’t wait to drive it 😀

  • Anonymous

    Great Job!!!

  • yorch sinclair

    All 3 screenshots are great but last one is AMAZING.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    The cloudless sky and wet asphalt always makes me laugh.

    • WHAT21A

      Yep, its annoying when people see these screenshots and tell you they’re bad because of that, but its a limitation of the dev mode and can’t be helped.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing Pro quality considering rFactor 2 is in beta, this looks on par with Silverstone produced by ISI.

    ISI should employ you, WHAT21A = Tuttle No.2

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