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Surprise! Simbin is Back…

A new studio under the traditional Simbin name has been founded in the UK.

If you have any interest in virtual racing, you’ll surely remember Simbin Studios, the long-running Swedish racing game development studio that went bankrupt in 2014, as Sector3 took over the helm.

Two years later, the Simbin name is back as a new studio under the Simbin name has been founded in England, assisted by Sector 3 Studios.

This adds another chapter to the Simbin name that has changed hands quite often. The original Simbin Studios were founded by Ian Bell and his team who created the first two GTR titles as well as GT Legends before moving on to form Blimey! Games and Slightly Mad Studios. Simbin established themselves to create various titles and addon packs before creating RaceRoom Racing Experience that was handed over to Sector 3 Studios when Simbin folded in 2014.

Now, a new chapter will be added as Simbin is now led by former Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Route 1 Games producer, Allan Speed. The Studio will be focusing on creating cross-platform racing titles for current and next-gen platforms.

“We are extremely excited to announce the collaboration with newly formed SimBin Studios UK being headed up by Allan,” Sector 3 CEO, Chris Speed commented.

“His industry knowledge and talent network will provide the perfect spring board for our future strategy and let’s not forget the revival of the SimBin name which has a long, rich and successful heritage in delivering some of the best racing titles to date.”

Via Gamasutra

  • Jovica Ilic

    Golden age of the sim racing 🙂

    • Marc Collins

      Maybe. Could more likely be console-orientated titles. If they do want to pursue the sim end of the spectrum, I hope there is room for them. It seems like a lot of good devs out there relative to the number of sales of good products.

    • Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro

      Not even close

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Wow, that is a surprise!!! Let the speculations and wishlists ensue.

  • Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro

    Please, GTR3 without any micro-transactions and all the other bs that surrounds new games. A complete package on Steam, 60 bucks! #MakeSimRacingGreatAgain

    • Yamin Namsan

      Seriously? They will go bankrupt again. Licensing = Pricing. You can’t get full blown quality games for $50-60 that contains licensed content. But its a fantastic thought none the less.

      • David Wright

        Huh?! Of course you can get a full blown quality game for $60 with licensed content. How much do you think F1 2016, AC and pCARs are in the US? Simbin didn’t go bankrupt producing GTR/GTR2.

      • Bakkster

        You can, as long as it’s popular enough.

        I think it’s a stretch to say that a GTR3 (with the goal of being a proper simulation, rather than a mass market ‘arcade’ title) would sell enough units to be as successful as F1/AC/pCARS. Especially since, unlike with the F1 license, there’s no single entity that they can license all the cars from.

      • Yamin Namsan

        If you have investor money or do crowdfunding it’s easier. Console/cross platform is the way to go if you want to make those sales. Iracing is the extreme example in micro transactions. It just depends on the business model what you can do.

      • Richard Hessels

        A decade ago those licenses were not so expensive as they are now.

      • Richard Hessels

        Just depends on how many copies you sell.

      • Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro

        Do you trully believe that they didn’t pay licensing fees for the free to play game aswell? Might just do a better packaging one, or as I may say, a traditional game

      • Neanderthal

        Just call the Ferrari, Farreri and the Porsche, Peaches.

    • RapidRefund

      Well I think KW owns the RR brand but not GTR or GT Legends brands and what was done was a good way to get from under the KW influence that crushed Simbin in the first place.

  • jason Subic

    Another developer can only mean good things for sim racing and racing games in general , developers will need to produce better products to keep up with each other and push the genre forward ……… As it is now it needs a dam good shot in the arm.
    Aame old same old hot lap simulators wont cut it anymore .
    Codies with F1 have managed to spice things up with all the rules and regulations for F1 , someone needs to follow suit with working rules for sedans e.g V8 super cars 🙂 Codies ?

  • Ghoults

    “creating cross-platform racing titles for current and next-gen platforms”

    I don’t like to sound negative but it doesn’t sound like a sim…

    • Steven Shears

      Maybe they want to put sims in the bin.

  • ftrracingtv

    Please make a current gen version of toca series not a bs game like grid autosport

    • Rush

      Love Toca 3

  • WilliamSRP

    “Not too much is known about what SimBin will be doing, but here is an interesting tidbit that is worth mentioning. They have enlisted Matthias Lauda as a consultant for their work. The son of 3-time Formula One champion Niki Lauda, Matthias has brought up a career following in his father’s footsteps. He is currently racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship in the Aston Martin Vantage GTE.”

  • Kev

    GT Legends 2, bitches!

    • ftrracingtv

      Does this mean Tiny Feet Studios is no more and will merge into simbin “2.0” if this will become true

      • Kev


    • RapidRefund

      Well I think the Bankruptcy is squashed and was a good Financial move to bring back SimBin free and clear of debt and contractual obligations with people like KW.

  • Neanderthal

    “The Studio will be focusing on creating cross-platform racing titles for current and next-gen platforms” Cool, simulators needs to become mainstream.

  • N0bodyOfTheGoat

    You saw it here first, Gran Turismo will link Playstation with PC and Xbox.;)

  • pez2k

    Any relation between Chris and Allan Speed I wonder?

  • mooves

    Sounds to me Simbin will be the company that brings RRE to console. Norhing more nothing less.