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STiGR-TECH F1 Display – Kickstarter Campaign Launched

STiGR-TECH has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the mass production of their wireless F1 display.

About a year ago, I ran a first story on STiGR-TECH’s wireless F1 display that made a perfect fit to Thrustmasters’ F1 wheel rim for the T500 RS.

Powered by a display and Bluetooth connection, the display is completely wireless and can be attached to the wheel with only the factory screws, requiring no drilling or DIY skills whatsoever.


• Wireless Operation
• LiPo Battery Powered
• Factory Mounting T500 F1
• Multi Game Compatibility
• Clear Application Software
• No Controller Requirements
• Simple To Use

With the product design and beta testing now complete, STiGR-TECH is looking to fund the production phase, using a recently-launched Kickstarter campaign.

Once the campaign goal of $82,500 is reached, production of the display will start in September 2014. For more information, make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign site.

  • GamerMuscle

    This is really nice little gadget but I feel the pricing is way off.

    1) does it need to be wireless I mean if you want this sort of display you will just stick it on your wheel and be done

    2) How does this compete with cheaper solutions

    3) The wireless aspect makes it more simple for people to install and use but people that care about that would probably want something for $50 or less to use when they play codmasters F1 games

    4) For $300 why would a person not sell there T500 and instead of getting this use the money they would spend on this + the money from T500 get a CSW with the F1 rim ?

    5) $82,500 goal for something this niche ?

    If they can do it good for them, its nice that we have kick-starter platforms to test this sort of thing out but I really don’t see this working out unless it was a sub $60 price point.

    • Morgan

      I agree.

      It is a great idea going wireless if you want the display mounted to the actual wheel, but i rather having mine mounted to the CSW base and it remains powered all the time via USB.

      I know if i went wireless, I would forget to charge it up 🙂

      • Matthew Arnold

        100% agree

        Im terrible with keeping important things like mobile phones charged, so I know for a fact this would be dead at least 50% of the time i wanted to sim.

        I think an external power cable is VERY important. It doesnt take anything away from the wireless aspect at all. It just makes it overall a much more robust produce.

        Just my opinion though 🙂

        Oh and $300 is WAY WAY to much!

    • Bakkster

      Wireless makes sense for putting it on a wheel, though I agree it might be tough to hit $80k for a niche bit of hardware.

      • GamerMuscle

        Yah I love the idea of it, just the price :S

      • BC72

        …and the fact it only lasts for 3hrs. Yes, that is enough for most. However, anyone doing endurance events is out of luck.

      • Steve @ STiGR Tech

        3 hrs is conservative number…and there are other battery options for the DIY types!

        Problem is going to a larger battery makes the unit heavier and an external power wire kind of defeats the wireless portion.

      • Steve @ STiGR Tech

        In a perfect world…what is the price you would be willing to pay? At the current price we are trying to cover the initial setup costs and make a small profit for the work we have in it.

        I am very interested in your thoughts…seriously…no sarcasm or anything. It is so hard to find out what people think and that is one of the reasons we went for Kickstarter.

        Thanks again for your time!

    • Steve @ STiGR Tech

      I know it is a big number and we have done the math and we wish it could be cheaper.

      The wireless portion adds a lot of cost as well does the injection mold tooling. The cost of the mold alone is over 15,000 USD! We are building this completely in the USA and that isn’t as cheap as Asia but we wanted to be involved in every step of production.

      We know there are other options out there and the beauty of a free market is getting that choice. You as the consumer may decide this is a bad idea and it will fail.

      I feel however that this is a device that fits a broad range of needs and for a sim racer like me it is perfect and I hope a lot of others do too.

      As far as Codemasters in the video…it was the first game to get up and running at the time. We have it working with other sims as well.

      Thanks for the feedback!


      • GamerMuscle

        “we have done the math and we wish it could be cheaper.”

        I understand it costs a lot to make this sort of thing , I also realize it can be a ridiculous undertaking to bring a hardware device to market !

        I just don’t see why people would drop the 300 on this over other solutions just for the wireless aspect, which then comes with its own problems.

        Of course I’d love to be proven wrong and it would be good if you can get though kick-starter 🙂

        Even if this one venture doesn’t work out I’m sure you can bounce back with something else !

  • F1Racer

    That is very niche. Something like this should really be designed to be compatible with all popular wheels and not just restricted to the T500. Wireless imo should be an option not mandatory.
    Still, I wish them luck.

    • Steve @ STiGR Tech

      You can easily put it on other wheels and you are not “stuck” to just a wheel. With it being wireless you can mount it anywhere and move it around as your needs change.

      The reason it fits the T500 so well is that is what I have! I didn’t want to cut or solder on my wheel.



      • F1Racer

        Cool. Thanks for the info Steve. Good luck with the project.

  • Steve @ STiGR Tech

    Hey Guys!
    I really appreciate the input on this venture of ours! We have set the goal high as we would like to sell a lot of them all at once as this makes the process a lot easier. In the event we don’t make it we will try something else.

  • dd101

    Simply insane. I’m sure Alibaba would hit it for $28.5 (before it gets a discount).

  • Paul Mullins

    Firstly let me start off by saying this LOOKS like a nice unit and the wireless thing is a great idea.. on paper..

    But like others have alluded to, keeping it charged longer than the 3 hour battery life is going to be an issue, especially during long endurance runs (something I regularly do..)

    In those situations, it would force you to then run with the USB cord attached and then the $300 price tag becomes high when you look at the other (nearly identical) displays on offer (ie. SIMR-F1 for example @ $245USD) and the wireless thing just ends up being a bit of a gimmick..

    That all said, I totally congratulate the team though for building it in the US and not out-sourcing to China like others do and wish them luck with their Kickstarter.

    • llov

      I’ve been following the development of various Wheel display add-ons for quite some time. Obviously, price/cost and autonomy are (still) real issues here (…and I do agree with F1Racer that a USB direct connection option would make it in higher demand amongst PC-racers…), but I can only congratulate the committment and the transparency of the STiGR Tech guys.