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STCC – The Game 2 Coming?

STCC – The Game 2 Coming?

Simbin has released a new video trailer, showing off some features of their recently-launched web portal.

The video may show more than intended though as a short sequence shows off the cover of an unannounced and unreleased title: STCC – The Game 2!

Back in October 2008, Simbin released the first STCC title, bringing the 2008 Swedish Touring Car season to the PC. A successor has never been announced but seems to be (or has been) in the works as the video reveals a cover for STCC 2, showing the VW Scirocco Biogas car that has been competing in the STCC since 2009.

As reported yesterday, Henrik Roos recently confirmed that Simbin will be releasing an all-new title in 2011, using a brand-new graphics engine. I jumped to the conclusion that this has to be the new GTR title that was announced back in March, this leak may be an indication that GTR isn’t the only new title in the works.

You can check out the freeze-frame with the cover and the full video trailer below.

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