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STCC Game – Release Date Announced

STCC Game – Release Date Announced

After yesterday’s launch of the official website, Simbin has announced the the release date for their upcoming STCC game today. The game will be available both as stand alone game featuring all of RACE07’s content as well as an addon version for existing race owners.

Starting September 19th, sim racers will be able to experience all the action the Swedish Touring Car Series has to offer, bringing us exciting Super 2000 touring car racing on seven all-new tracks.

  • phil23

    It is great to hear it will be so soon. 😛

    A few weeks to enjoy Evo then STCC.

    Simbin are becoming the dogs b*l*oc*s in sims.

  • Ryan Gilmore

    Get the f’ck in there my son!

  • adi21200921


  • kapten_zoom

    as a swede I´ve been waiting for this in a LOONG time! By far the most interesting game this year for me ^^