SRW S1 Wheel on G27 – Video Tutorial

UnicornReviewsYT has released a great video tutorial, showing how to put the rim of the SRW S1 wheel on the Logitech G27.

SimRaceWay’s low-cost wheel comes with lots of buttons and a build in display but without any force feedback, combined with the Logitech G27 the wheel rim can unleash its full potential.

Check out the video below to find out how to put these two together, the instructions are easy to understand and should be doable for everyone with basic DIY skills.

  • Jimmi Allison

    If only i could do stuff like that, i´ve thought about getting this wheel and mount it on my G27 – i´ve heard that a guys sells some kinda adapter?

  • Frans Brink

    great idea!

  • Anonymous

    can you fit it on a t500?

  • Petr Doležal

    I have two brand new SRW S1 wheels at home.

    If anyone want it, let me know. For 65€,-

  • Laurens Van Rossem

    I accidentally removed the video from yt –‘ here’s the new link.

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