SRT – Two Reviews & An Interview

The guys over at have released three new videos to wrap up 2011 in style, bringing us two new review and a video.

In the first two videos Darin & Shaun review the Sim-Seats SRX Driving Simulator and the Xbox 360 Kinect and Wireless Speed Wheel.

The third video is an extensive video with Bryan Heitkotter, the winner of the first-ever North American Nissan GT Academy. Bryan will be racing in the 2012 Dubai 24 Hours that kick off in two week’s time.

  • John

    I liked the Bryan Heitkotter interview – very well done and well worth the watch.

  • Stuart Becktell

    Not as a major criticism, but do they ever do a written review? Its a bit daunting to watch a 30 minute video on a controller and a year old imaging device.

  • Anonymous

    excellent video……def worth the watch.

  • Laurent Cortier

    Something doesn’t feel right…
    Looks like Darin lost his passion since Fanatec… Come on, man, your show was great before, can’t you enjoy that anymore ? Time to suck it up if you don’t want to lose it all…

    It’s hard for everybody in this twisted world, passion is all we have left !!!

  • Noel Hibbard

    They failed to mention that Bryan is a 2 time SCCA Solo champ and spends a lot of time simracing in an rFactor league (efnet#cars) and is still active in in the league to this day. rFactor is banned on ISR I guess.

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