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SRT – Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter Review

The guys over at have gotten their hands on Thrustmaster’s upcoming TH8A shifter, posting an extensive video review.

The guys over at have gotten their hands on Thrustmaster’s upcoming TH8A shifter, posting an extensive video review.

In the video below, Darin Gangi unboxes the new unit and shows it off in detail before giving it a first spin.

The TH8A will go on sale next month, selling for 149,99 Euros/Dollars. The shifter is compatible to a wide range of platforms, including PC, Playstation 3 & 4 as well as Xbox One & 360.

  • Birddogg66

    Hmmm No Jason in a few episodes now? Anyway Yes Shifter Looks nice and for a good price. My CSS Seq. maybe a bit more fancy but was 80 dollars more mounted with the CSS Clamp. Also what Thrustmaster has done with software and the ability to customize certain elements of the shifter is a very nice feature. While I maybe very happy with my Fanatec product I do give Thrustmaster a thumbs up.

    • Matthew Arnold

      I like Jason. I hope him and Darryn haven’t fallen out.

      • PetrolheadDen

        If not, like anyone who’s dealt with Darin, he will.

      • John Krisfalusci

        Yeah whatever happened to Jason? Can’t find him anywhere now and no news for why no co host.. hmm…

    • Trevor Blackburn

      Atm I have the TX wheel and race on pc and xbox one from time to time. I am looking for a new shifter and pedals now and was originally gonna go for the fanatec csp v2 pedals with the club sport shifter SQ.
      Now after seeing this review I’m in limbo 🙂
      But the one thing keeping me for the CS SQ shifter is the ease to change from seq to h pattern. But however will not work with my xbox one..just the pc.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    Which racing wheel is the best on the market? G27?
    And where does Thrustmaster come in?

    • Birddogg66

      Well the G27 is a fine and inexpensive wheel. Logitech has an offering for more of an entry level wheel at less than half the price of the G27 with the Driving Force GT that you may still be able to find fairly easily. Thrustmaster has a lot of wheel options ATM at all different levels to consider and compatible with different platforms. With the T500 being their upper end wheel all the way down to very basic Wheels.
      Another company to consider is Fanatec.
      That has offerings at different levels with the Club Sport line being their higher end on down to the GT3rs one might compare to the G27.
      If you are fairly set on buying a G27 I would not talk you out of it but there are better wheels out there.

  • todemanjack

    So how is this different from the Thrustmaster TH8RS shifter I’ve had for a couple of years? Will the software work with it?

    • William David Marsh

      Mechanically they are identical. However, this shifter can plug into the TX/T300RS, to be used on the next gen consoles

  • RichardHessels

    Darin should have a look at his screenlag.. looks like he is about 3 frames behind.

    • ftrracingtv

      lol his TV is like 8 yrs old

  • Dirtbooger

    It’s starting to look like ISR is going to turn into a review show now.

    Pity I used to like the segments on league races, rigs and stuff.

  • John Krisfalusci

    Wait, so how is this different from the Th8 shifter?(which I still have and and it still works like a champ). And follow up question, how is the Th8A shifter compared to the Fanatec clubsport shifter SQ? This review raised more questions than answers here.. =(