SRT – RS Stand S3 Review

The guys over at have released a new hardware video review, putting RSeat’s RS Stand S3 to the test.

The wheel stand can be used with pretty much all commong racing rigs & wheel stands, holding screens up to 65″, more info is available on the RSeat website.

  • Daan Loos

    So the price is no longer a con once you get stuff for free… right.

    • Darin Gangi

      You so funny…………………right

      • Chris Wright

        I thought you said you didn’t pay any attention to what was said here and didn’t read it? Pleased that you are though.

      • Darin Gangi

        I do sometimes when it’s constructive.. Soon as it turns into a troll fest, I bail.

    • Wim

      I have to agree with Darin on this one.
      Whats up with all the complaining about prices? 75% in here own 700 euros crappy smartphones and wear pricy designer jeans made by little children in Bangladesh. Yet, when a piece of Sim Racing hardware appears, a lot in here start bitching about how expensive it is. As a community, we can indeed be funny.

      • Chris Wright

        Whereas you’re exactly, 100% right in what you say, I think you may equally have misinterpreted what Daan was trying to express in this instance. My reading was that he was questioning the editorial integrity of reviewers receiving free issue gear. I may be wrong, but that was my reading. Maybe Daan will enlighten us?

      • Darin Gangi

        This subject has come up a bit lately. Another reviewer commented that since he pays for his gear, he will remain unbiased. In the 7 years I’ve been doing this, I have always tried to remain 100% unbiased to maintain my reputation as being honest and pointing out the Pros and Cons. I have mentioned “Cons” about gear from companies that even sponsored us and will always do so. I can see how the editorial integrity can be questioned. But, we’ve rarely if ever have been told that our review was off and that a consumer had purchased it and it wasn’t what we said it was. We’ve established a good reputation for telling it like it is and that has helped us grow.

        This subject has also got me thinking that from now on.. I’m not going to score a product or put it on the “Revs scale”. I’m going to point out the Pros and Cons and then in my final thoughts tell the viewers if I recommend the purchase or not. They can then decide if they think it’s worth it or not based on my opinion and what the video shows them.

        Thanks for the compliment by the way 🙂

      • Chris Wright

        Compliment well deserved Darin. Sounds a good idea. I think the rev scale can sort of become a bit of a noose around your neck, in that standards of software and hardware are improving all the time and therefore what you might have given 9/10 a couple of years ago might now only be a 6.5/10 or whatever.

      • Daan Loos

        The problem I had with this review and I’ve seen this in the past that it doesn’t look totally honest to me. Especially when looking a the previous stand which Darin used, it was so bad he didn’t do a review because it would hurt Rseat, instead of warning people about it. It doesn’t count now because it’s not available anymore.

        The comment about the price was not because it’s a pricey article but because in the past at least he did mention it as a con when something was a bit on the expensive side. But this time it all just looked a bit to good to be true and he just found some bs cons that nobody would care about anyway.

        Another thing that annoys me a bit about the show lately which is also connected to this problem, is every time they review/preview a racing game it has to be compared to iRacing. I know it’s a big sponsor for the show, but since when is iRacing the holy grail in simracing? It has enough problems on it own but those never get screen time, it’s always better that the rest.

        In a nutshell, it all looks a bit to much in favor off the sponsors and less on the people who watch the show.

        Otherwise, love your show Darin!

  • steve30x

    I dont understand why somebody would sit so close to their Screen. I sit about three foot away from my 24″ monitor and I find that very comfortable. I couldn’t stick being that close to my screen , especially when its a 42″ TV

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